How to Connect Roku to Hotel WiFi

Roku 3

So you want to bring your Roku along so you can sit back in that nice hotel bed and stream some shows. The only problem is, most connections to a Wi-Fi network will not work without logging the computer in or accepting a license via a web page. How can you do this with a Roku? Give these steps a try.

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Netflix: Fix Missing Component Error Code M7357-1003

Netflix something went wrong missing component

If you are using Google Chrome to watch a show on Netflix and receive error that says “Whoops,. something went wrong… Missing Component. Error code M7357-1003“, give these steps a try to fix the issue.

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How to Connect Chromecast to an Old Analog CRT TV

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Not all of us have upgraded to an HDTV. Some of us are still getting some value from their old Analog CRT televisions. I've seen many still in use in schools and corporate offices. With the right equipment, you can still use many modern devices with … [Continue reading]

How to Connect Roku 3 to an Analog CRT TV

Roku 3

Back in January, I wrote about how the Roku streaming video player can make older analog TVs useful. I have a 17" Sony in my bedroom that can display a 480i picture, and that's fine enough for me. Since the Roku 2 can connect to older analog CRT TV … [Continue reading]

$10 Universal Remote Control Works With Roku

Sony RM-VZ320

I was using 3 separate remote controls for my TV, DVD player and Roku box and decided that I had to find a universal remote that could handle all three devices. I wasn't looking for anything flashy. The Roku is a simple device, so I wanted a simple … [Continue reading]

Enable or Disable Auto-Play Next Episode in Netflix

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One of my favorite features is the ability to enable Netflix to auto-play the next episode when a a TV show episode finishes. It's great for people who have unlimited Internet access, but if you have a limit, or fall asleep to watching Netflix shows, … [Continue reading]

Why is Netflix Slow or Choppy?

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If Netflix Instant is slow or choppy, there are many variables that could be causing the problem. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can use to see what's causing Netflix to display video poorly. … [Continue reading]

Review: Lilyhammer


With all the talk about "House of Cards", "Orange is the New Black", and other Netflix original shows, "Lilyhammer" was one that slipped under the radar. It has gained a lot of buzz though, now in its third season. … [Continue reading]

Google Chrome Now Tells You Which Tab is Playing Sound

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How many times have you had multiple tabs open and suddenly been irritated by a autoplay video? You ask yourself "Which of these 20 tabs could be doing this?". Well, once you upgrade to version 32.0.1700.72 m of Google Chrome, you will no longer have … [Continue reading]

Official YouTube App Now Available For Roku 3

YouTube logo

There once was a time when Roku owners had access to an official YouTube app for their enjoyment of cat videos. Suddenly, the app was pulled and was no longer available. Some Roku users were "grandfathered" in and were able to keep their YouTube app … [Continue reading]