Netflix Instant New Releases – September 2013

September means that Summer is pretty much over. It’s time to watch TV again and enjoy some Netflix Instant New Releases for September 2013. It’s an exciting month for new releases too. A new Netflix original series, “Derek” arrives to the service this month. Stream “Zoolander” starring Ben Stiller for some laughs. If you’re feeling trippy, try “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Here’s the list (so far).

Sept 1


Sept. 12

  • Derek


Sept. 15


Sept. 29


Data on Netflix Instant New Releases for September 2013 provided by Netflix and user submissions. Some data may not be complete or may be incorrect. Please report  errors in the Comments section. I will update this page as more news becomes available.


  1. The JAM Man says

    Um, excuse me, but are you guys gonna put in seasons 3 (World Tour) and 4 (Revenge of the Island) of “Total Drama” on Netflix in September? I saw one of the recently added episodes (Celebrity Manhunt’s Total Drama Reunion Special) of “Total Drama” last week. Are you sure that Netflix will put in seasons 3 and 4 in September?

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