New On Netflix Instant – January 2014

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Snuggle up on your couch, stay warm, and enjoy some new releases on Netflix Instant for January 2014.

Note: This list is not complete, but will be updated as more information becomes available. Applies to Netflix service in the United States. Please report errors and submissions in the comments section.

Jan 1

3 Women (1977) – Starring Shelley Duval, Sissy Spacek, and Janice Rule. Three women located in a spooky desert town steal and trade lives until they find the one that suits them.

The 300 Spartans (1962) – Starring Richard Egan, Ralph Richardson, and Diane Baker. An action-drama based on real events in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

A Mighty Heart (2007) – Starring Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman, and Mariane Pearl. A wife searches for her abducted husband who went missing in Pakistan.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) – Starring Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock’s TV series featuring short stories of suspense and horror.

Amelie (2001) – Starring Audrey Tautou and Mathieu Kassovitz. A woman finds love while helping people.

American Psycho (2000) – Starring Christian Bale. A man lives a double life as a yuppie who is  obsessed with success and a notorious serial killer.

The Amityville Horror (1979) – Starring James Brolin. The original classic horror film. A newly married couple move into a haunted house.

Amityville 2: The Possession (1982) – Starring James Olson, Burt Young, and Rutanya Alda. The sequel to the 1979 classic. A family moves into a haunted home where evil a teenager becomes possessed.

Amityville 3D (1983) – Starring Tony Roberts and Tess Harper. A reporter moves into a haunted house to debunk its stigma.

The Apartment (1960) – Starring Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, and Fred MacMurray. A man tries to climb to corporate ladder by letting executives use his apartment for some action on the side.

An Unmarried Woman (1978) – Starring Jill Clayburgh. A woman struggles to move forward in her life after her husband leaves her for a younger woman.

Assassination Tango (2002) – Starring Robert Duvall and Luciana Pedraza. An assassin falls into the lifestyle of Buenos Aires while seeking his mark.

Baby Boom (1987) – Starring Diane Keaton, Sam Shephard, and Harold Ramis. A woman who lives for her job has her life thrown into disarray when she inherits a baby.

Beverly Hills Cop 3 (1994) – Starring Eddie Murphy. Axel Foley is back again in the third incarnation of the popular action-comedy franchise.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986) – Starring Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, and Dennis Dun. A trucker sets out to rescue his friend’s fiancee from a notorious Chinese sorcerer.

Boomerang (1992) – Starring Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens. A womanizer has his act thrown back at him by his new boss.

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) – Starring Shelley Long, Gary Cole, and Christine Taylor. The popular 70’s family is warped to the 90’s where they are hilariously behind the times.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – Starring Audrey Hepburn. A young woman becomes interested in a man who moved into her apartment building

Bull Durham (1998) – Starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. A minor-league baseball player has an affair with a team groupie.

Bulletproof Heart (aka “Killer”) (1994) – Starring Anthony Lapaglie and Mimi Rogers. A professional assassin, having just “cleaned up” a botched “job,” is pressured into another new assignment by his boss.

Catch 22 (1970) – Starring Alan Arkin. A man tries to sell himself as insane so he can get out of the military and World War II.

Changing Lanes (2002) – Starring Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson. A case of road rage escalates into a lasting feud.

Children of a Lesser God (1986) – Starring William Hurt and Marlee Matin. A teacher falls for a deaf pupil.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) – Starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. The original classic about aliens who invade Earth to force humans off the planet.

Days of Thunder (1990) – Starring Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Robert Duvall. A stock car driver deals with his driving career, romance with a doctor, and a feud with another driver.

Death Race 2000 (1975) – Starring David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone, and Simone Griffeth. Drivers run over pedestrians in a race that awards points for each brutal kill.

Dexter: Seasons 5-8 (2006) – Starring Michael C. Hall. The final 4 seasons of everybody’s favorite serial killer.

Dillinger (1973) – Starring Warren Oates. John Dillinger goes on a bank robbing spree.

Duplex (2003) – Starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. A young couple tries to movie into a desirable New York apartment. But they have to get rid of the old lady who lives there.

The Dust Factory (2004) – Starring Hayden Panettiere. Two teens help one-another through life’s difficulties.

Escape from Alcatraz (1979) – Starring Clint Eastwood. A prisoner masterminds a daring escape from the most secure prison in the country.

Farewell to the King (1989) – Starring Nick Nolte, Nigel Havers, and Frank McRae. An American World War II soldier becomes the leader of a group of a head-hunting tribe.

Ghost (1990) – Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. A man’s love is strong enough that it allows him to remain on Earth as a ghost.

Good Burger (1997) – Starring Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, and Sinbad. Two teens try to save the restaurant they work for when a rival burger joint opens across the street.

Grand Canyon (1991) – Starring Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, and Steve Martin. The lives of six people intertwine.

The Grapes of Wrath (1940) – Starring Henry Fonda. A poor family wrestles with homeless life during The Great Depression.

Harlem Nights (1989) – Starring Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Redd Foxx. The owner of an illegal casino contend with pressures from a gangster and local police.

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) – Starring Virginia Madsen, Martin Donovan, and Ellias Koteas. A family experiences supernatural behavior in their new home.

High Anxiety (1977) – Starring Mel Brooks. A man is framed for murder. Events cause him to question his own mental health.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) – Starring James Mason and Pat Boone. A professor and his colleagues follow a trail down a volcano to the center of the Earth.

Juice (1992) – Starring Omar Epps and Tupac Shakur. Four teens pursue power or “Juice”.

The Keep (1983) – Starring Scott Glenn and Iam McKellan. Nazis must get help from a Jewish historian when battling an ancient demon.

Little Gobie (2010) – A Christmas-based story of a reindeer who lost his pet dragon.

The Longest Yard (1974) – Starring Burt Reynolds. A former pro quarterback puts together a football team made up of prisoners to take on the prison guards.

Love Ranch (2010) – Starring Helen Mirren and Joe Peschi. A married couple teams up to open the first legal brothel in Nevada.

Madhouse (2004) – Starring Joshua Leonard. Secrets are revealed about a psychiatric hospital that houses psychotic criminals.

Mommie Dearest (1981) – Starring Faye Dunaway. Based on the autobiography about Christina Crawford’s abusive childhood.

Mouse Hunt (1997) – Starring Nathan Lane. A family movie about brothers who are driven to rid their old house of a mouse.

Murder She Wrote (1991) – Starring Angela Lansbury. A classic TV Series about an author who investigates murder.

Never Back Down (2008) – Starring Sean Faris. A teen finds himself involved in an underground fight club.

Oxygen (1999) – Starring Maura Tierney, Adrien Brody, and James Naughton. A cop peruses a kidnapper who kidnaps rich women.

Paradise Road (1997) – Starring Glenn Close. Based on true WWII testimony, this film recounts the events of female prisoners of war.

Paulie (1998) – Starring Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin. A parrot tells the story of his life from his point of view.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) – Starring Steve Martin and John Candy. A sloppy salesman annoys a man struggling to get home for Thanksgiving.

Play It Again, Sam (1972) – Starring Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, and Tony Roberts. Struggling with dating live, a film critic seeks solace in the films he loves.

Raging Bull (1980) – Starring Robert De Niro. A boxer’s career soars as his life outside the ring crumbles.

Red Dawn (1984) – Starring Patrick Swayze. A group calling themselves the “Wolverines” forms a resistance against a Russian military force.

Reindeer Games (2000) – Starring Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise, and Charlize Theron. A prisoner assumes the identity of his prison-mate friend so he may connect with his girlfriend and finds himself involved in a heist.

The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea (1976) – Starring Sarah Miles, Kris Kristofferson, and Jonathan Kahn. A young boy plots revenge on the new man in his mother’s life after the death of his father.

Scrooged (1988) – Starring Bill Murray. A greedy TV executive finds the right path in this modern take on “A Christmas Carol”.

Spaceballs (1987) – Starring Mel Brooks, John Candy, and Rich Moranis. A spoof on the “Star Wars” series. Lord Dark Helmet seeks to steal air from another planet to supply their own.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) – Starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. The original Star Trek movie with the crew from the original TV series.

Stealing Beauty (1996) – Starring Jeremy Irons and Liv Tyler. A teenager seeks love in Italy after her mother’s death.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) – Starring Matt Damon, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Jude Law. A man is sent to bring a millionaire playboy from Italy back to New York.

Thelma & Louise (1991) – Starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. Two housewives go on the run after shooting a man.

The Thing Called Love (1993) – Starring River Phoenix and Samantha Mathis. Country artists struggle with their love life as their build their music careers.

Upside Down: The Creation Records Story (2010) – A documentary about the creation of Creation Records.

Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009) – Starring Jonathan Bennett and Kristin Cavallari. A prequel to National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.

The Virgin Suicides (1999) – Starring Kirsten Dunst. A group of boys are obsessed with a group of sheltered sisters.

West Side Story (1961) – Starring Natalie Wood, George Chakiris, and Richard Beymer. A musical about two youngsters from rival New York City gangs.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) – Starring Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Juliette Lewis. A man finds love while caring for his aberrant family.

Year of the Dog (2007) – Starring Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, and Peter Scarsgaard. A secretary’s life changes in unexpected ways after her dog dies.


Jan 19

Rent (2005) – Starring Taye Diggs, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, and Rosario Dawson. The film version of the Broadway show.


Jan 24

Mitt – A documentary about Mitt Romney’s campaign to become President of the United States.



  1. Chico says

    Sad roster of new movies. I’m currently rethinking my membership with Netflix. As it stands I’m getting a better selection from Comcast On-Demand. If this continues I definitely will be unsubscribing from Netflix.

  2. Taz says

    Wow, another month of “nothing to see here”. 1 movie in that whole list. Think I need to start searching Hulu and some others as Netflix is getting stagnant.

  3. lizz says

    This is stupid! The movies being taken are better than these….ughh! add new stuff please or you’ll lose again netflix!

  4. Dominick says

    You’re getting sloppy Netflix with the movies you’re streaming.
    Remember every great video empire once they get to the top, they become too cocky slip and Fall. Red box is pushing for my buisnes.
    This is not a threat but a reality from a faithful subscriber.

  5. Mitch Bartlett says

    Before you get too upset, remember that this list is not complete. Netflix will add many more titles than what you see in the list.

    • Chris says

      Netflix is adding crap, month after month and recycling movies that were available for streaming 3 months ago. On the Netflix website it said Deapicable Me 2 was available, January 7th…still waiting. Don John was posted as being available January 27th. Suprise-it’s not available. I have Hulu Plus & although one must sit through a few commercials it now has a better selection than Netflix. I’m fully aware that it’s about “leasing” the rights to movies and that is not always easy. But at this point the only reason I’m keeping Netflix is to watch the final season of Fringe. When I’ve finished watching that, of Netflix streaming choices don’t either (a) improve or (b) they stop posting movies with release dates & then don’t come through, I will be giving my $10 to Redbox instant streaming. Because at this point, I feel like giving $10 to a hungry homeless person would be money better spent than on Netflix. They are circling the drain as far as I and it seems many other unhappy customers are concerned. Get it together Netflix!

  6. Josh T says

    No good moves? What list are you guys looking at?

    3 Women
    American Psycho
    The Apartment
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    The Grapes of Wrath
    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
    Raging Bull
    The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Thelma and Louise
    The Virgin Suicides
    West Side Story
    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

      • Lowell says

        Who are ‘the kids?’ Your kids? There is no kid in the world who wouldn’t love Spaceballs, or the Day The Earth Stood Still. I hope you at least give them the opportunity to cultivate some taste (even if you’re not interested in cinema yourself).

        • Chris says

          Yeah dick jokes are really appropriate for kids. Have you seen Spaceballs. It’s not a kids movie. Teens yes, children, not so much. And only a nerdy kid with no social life is going to want to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still. Speaking of social life, why don’t you people with kids get out there an do something active with your child, not plop them in front of the idiot box.

      • Nick says

        The fact of the matter is that these are good, worthwhile movies. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they aren’t positive additions.

        • Norman Pettingill says

          I am very sure there are commenters here who have no idea what most (all?) of the movies on Josh’s list are. The Apartment, Raging Bull and The Grapes of Wrath alone have been commonly regarded as three of the best films ever made for many years (something I wholeheartedly agree with). How anyone could look at the list of January titles and not see a ton of great viewing is beyond belief.

          • Chris says

            And it’s for that reason that most people have seen them numerous times and would like to see something new on Netflix. One can only watch a movie so many times, even an award winning one.

  7. Deb says

    Netflix pretty much has an AWESOME Television show selection and pretty lame movie selection. I pretty much watch for all the great TV shows on there. That’s the only way you can enjoy netflix.

  8. LouV says

    Netflix just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper with what they will license. I just tried a free month of Amazon Prime and it is way better. I tend to watch mostly sci fi so being able to re watch shows like Stargate or get into newer stuff like Falling Skies really helps. But Netflix just doesn’t stay fresh enough to justify dropping some of the classics like SG-1 or Atlantis…IMO

  9. says

    Netflix has plenty of good stuff but I don’t rely on it for movies. I use it for TV Shows almost exclusively. But obviously you complainers don’t know what you’re missing, because Good Burger is one of the greatest movies of all time, and kid friendly!

  10. Jay says

    Sorry (mostly) everyone but if you’re relying on Netflix on your movies, you need to time travel a few years back. It’s all about the TV shows these days especially when it comes to streaming. If you plan on leaving because of the “lack of quality movies” no worries. Netflix will gain another 2 or more memberships for every one being lost due to poor movies.

  11. Gary says

    Yes Netflix could do a lot better, but then they would want to raise our costs even more.

    Its a lot like AMC – which states they know movies, but when taking pride in showing a 40 year old classic “Blazing Saddles” they ruin the audio which in this movie is disrespecting the producer, director, and writers which include Richard Prior. Yes it was racist in its way – but it was done in a satirical fashion to show how stupid such actions are… But no AMC not only has commercials, but will make their own changes to any classic movie they show… Not worth the effort of watching. Just another cable channel as they stress their original programming rather then the Movies that they made and that made them.

  12. John says

    There are very good older movies being added – BUT – what I am now noticing is that there are no movies from my DVD Queue (which is a very long list if you include Saved) that become available to view Instantly. In the past, I could count on 1-3 a week from my DVD Queue becoming Instantly available, but in the last two months, that has been Zero. I know this could be coincidence, but the fact I have seen none show up in almost two months is more likely a new change they have made. Very disappointing!


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