Solve “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled” Error in Roku Amazon App

This weekend I sat down to watch “Argo” using the Amazon app¬†on the Roku 3. When I attempted to purchase and watch the movie on Amazon Instant, it threw an error on the screen. I could still hear the audio, but the blue and white error that said “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled” error took up the entire screen.

I logged out of the Amazon account, then logged in again. When that didn’t work, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Amazon app. Still, this error appeared on the screen.

Fortunately it was still easy to solve this problem. I simply reset the Roku box by unplugging it, then plugging it back in. The next time I attempted to watch the movie, it worked just fine.

I believe this happened because I switched the Amazon account I was using. I had recently switched from my own account to my girlfriend’s because she had Amazon Prime. I think the Roku gets confused as to which account is in use if you purchase a movie on Amazon Instant, and causes this error message to appear.

Hopefully Roku and Amazon get this fixed soon. For now, just reset it and you should be good to go!


  1. SweetCaroline says

    I get the same error and am having to reset the ROKU EVERY TIME I want to use it to watch anything. I have changed the tv settings twice and I have moved the HDMI cable to another port. And ROKU support has been absolutely worthless.

    • vjnair2 says

      It is not the HDMI. It is not an account problem. I get this “Unauthorized” thing almost three out of five times I sit down to watch a movie. My solution is to simply pull out the battery cover of the Remote and keep the reset button pressed until I count to ten. Then it works fine all the time. It is annoying and it is a waste of time, particularly if you try to get Roku support on phone. It is a surprise that Roku has still not come out with an upgrade to prevent this from ever occurring.

  2. kb5zxm@yahoodotcom says

    this did not fix it for me , only complete reset to factory dfault worked and is very tiresome wish I had got roku II instead.

  3. Mr. Here says

    This happens because the of HDCP handshake over HDMI from the Roku to either the TV (direct) or to a surround system and then to the TV.

    The fix is either to (A) remove the power cable from the Roku and reboot it, (B), remove the HDMI cable from both points and reseat the cable (changing ends is best as the micro sheilding will seat better), or replace your HDMI cable altogether.

    I have had this issue twice and it resolves quickly. I also keep a spare 1 meter HDMI just in case because they are cheap now.

    Hope this helps someone.

  4. Rich says

    I’ve had two Roku players before, with no problems. My Roku 3 is about a month old and today I started to get the unauthorized content message. Unplugging it corrected the problem, but if I keep getting it, I’ll trash it and go to Apple TV. funny it happened when it was too late to return it. Sad, really, I’ve been a big promoter of Roku, but, until now, they have worked well. We’ll see if the problem persists.

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