“The Hunger Games” Comes to Netflix Instant April 2nd

It’s a rare treat when Netflix adds a relatively new blockbuster movie to its Instant service. Let’s face it, Netflix Instant is more known more as the service to watch undiscovered ‘B’ movies than it is for box office record breakers.

The Hunger Games” was the movie everybody saw in 2012. If you weren’t one of the 100 million people to see the movie, you’ll get your chance to see it via the Netflix Instant service. That’s right! The film that made every teenage girl want to learn archery is said to be coming to the Netflix Instant service on April 2, 2013.

I no longer make it to the theater since people seem to have lost their sense of basic theater etiquette, I’m thrilled Netflix will be making this flick available.

Update: It looks like this movie has already been available on Instant for users in the UK. This post was intended for US Instant watchers.

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