“Zoolander” Coming Soon to Netflix Instant

What is this, a center for ants? No, it’s “Zoolander” starring Ben Stiller, coming soon to Netflix Instant. In this comedy, Stiller plays a model who is about as dim-witted as they come. The cast is about as impressive as it gets with Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Milla Jovovich all with major parts in the film.

I’m normally not a big fan of Ben Stiller’s work, but this one is the exception. I sat through “There’s Something About Mary” without laughing, and the “Meet the Fockers” series of movies were pandering. This flick on the other hand just has some great one-liners and is filled with the kind of stupid humor that I can’t help but enjoy.

You can watch “Zoolander” walk up the runway on Netflix Instant starting September 1, 2013.

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