Top 16 Best FireTV Apps For Free Movies

An average movie lover is unaware of the streaming rights for cable channels with live TV streaming platforms. This is the reason why most cable subscriptions are costly. People with financial constraints oftentimes are unable to pay for these pricey subscriptions.

But what if there is a way to enjoy visual content either by streaming or through download to be watched later? There are some streaming platforms that allow you to stream, watch TV shows online free, and without any hassle.

This is why we have compiled the list of the best FireTV Apps for free movies. While you are required to register for free with some of these Apps. Others don’t require any registration to get started. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is the first on our list of the best FireTV Apps for free movies. This App can be likened to Terrarium TV in terms of its functionalities and user interface. The FireTV App gives movie lovers access to a wide collection of movies and TV shows for streams only in high quality. This catalog cuts across all genres and features your favorite movies/TV shows. Anyone can easily find their way around the FireTV App as its interface is user friendly.

Titanium TV is compatible and available for operating systems like iOS, Windows, Androids, and the Amazon Fire Stick TV.

One of the basic perks of streaming content on the entertainment App you don’t need to subscribe to any premium plan – as Titanium TV is absolutely free. Not just that, the FireTV App possesses an inbuilt video player that supports all your favorite TV content video format files.

You can also enjoy everything you stream on the App either by downloading the movie/TV Show to be watched later. With the Titanium TV, you can stream video content with Trakt TV, and Real Debrid. The FireTV App supports Chromecast and the DLNA casting Apps., giving you the chance to project everything you stream on a much bigger screen. In a nutshell, the FireTV works fine with other third party Apps.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK is the next FireTV App on the list. The APK (Android Package) in the name is a clear indication that the App is only compatible with Android Operating systems. With this App, Cinephiles stand a chance to enjoy a big catalog of movies and TV Shows of all kinds of genres. You can enjoy the movies and TV shows available on the App in HD quality.

Not only that, You will be able to access movies and TV series on the App for free.

Cinema APK performs gateway functions to any visual content on the internet. What this means is that the FIreTV App is designed to be an aggregator fetching links on the internet. Therefore, we can say that Cinema APK is incapable of hosting visual content on its own.

Just like Titanium TV, not only can you stream on the App, you can download any content you wish to watch without any hassle whatsoever.



BeeTV has a collection of movies and TV series which can binge-watch for hundreds of hours. The collections feature both classics and new releases of movies and TV series that cut across all genres.

The App is compatible with most popular Operating systems like Androids, PCs, iOS, and more importantly FireTV. BeeTV is incapable of hosting any of its visual content but can fetch links to any movies, any TV series you wish to watch on the web.

With the lightweight App, you don’t need to worry about paying for any premium service before you can access all the visual contents on the platform. The App is compatible with Chromecast and the pop-up ads are minimal.

Not only are the visual contents available for streams in HD quality, but you can also download and watch offline at your convenient time. The interface and the functionalities make it easy for anyone to find their way around the App.

Sony Crackle

The streaming platform was acquired by Sony in 2006. Before Sony came into the picture, it was originally known as Grouper. However, Sony Crackle has thrived as one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

With Sony Crackle, you can easily stream movies and TV shows without any form of subscription. Not only that, the fact the platform is owned by Sony gives you an opportunity to enjoy all Sony pictures (Both movies and series). Sony Crackle also features other movies and series which Sony partnered with other big production companies.

The streaming App supports itself and by running itself short pre-roll and mid-roll pop-up ads tend to disrupt your streams from time to time. The user-friendly interface and the well-detailed layout makes it easy for anyone to find their way around the App.

With all said, you might be wondering how do you protect kids from explicit content? Well, it’s safe to say that Sony Crackle comes with a parent control feature that helps you filter contents according to age group.

One of the major downsides of the App is that it is only available in 21 countries and in just 3 languages (Spanish Portuguese, and English).


Vudu is quite a popular free movie streaming platform. With the App, you can stream full-length movies and shows in HD. The App has a catalog of movies that cut through all kinds of genres ranging from comedy to action. This catalog is a composite of contents suitable for all kinds of age groups. Vudu has thousands of free movies and TV shows.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to utilize for anyone. Here, there are movies that are available for rent. But you need a User account before you can stream or rent any movie on the platform. However, the registration is free and the entire process is without any hassle.

Although the pop-up ads are minimal, they tend to disrupt your streams sometimes. Vudu supports 4K streaming platforms and Chromecast. Not just that, the App is compatible with Firestick, Fire TV, iOS, Android, Roku, and other devices.

Vudu is only available in the United States and Mexico. To enjoy the streaming App anywhere in the world, you will need a VPN service.



With Cotomovies, movie lovers can stream the latest and trendy movies and TV series from a wide catalog. This catalog cut across all kinds of genres. You can also filter through this catalog with the hassle-free classification feature which allows you to sort movies and TV series out by genres, year of release, ratings, and type.

The layout and the interface are user friendly, this makes it easy for anyone to find their way around the platform. With this App, movie lovers have the option to either stream movies and TV shows or download them to watch later.

With every content, you stream or download subtitles. And these are not just in the English language. Coto Movies subtitles cover over 200 different languages. Still, on languages, you can explore the App in other languages apart from English such as Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch, and Arabic.

Cotomovies allow you to track TV series and movies you like to stream or download with Trakt. As the App supports Trakt logins. You won’t need to worry about pop-ups ads disrupting your stream wit h Cotomovies.

The free streaming app is compatible with Android, Firestick, Apple TV, Windows, Chromecast, and iOS devices.


Stirr is the next on the list of best FireTV Apps for free movies. The App is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. On the App, there are over 100 different channels, movie content worth 6000 hours, and more. Don’t get me started with the wide collections of TV shows that cut across all genres.

If you are so big on monster mayhem and sci-fi cult classics, high-impact action movies, informative documentaries, and all kinds of comedy (Stand-up, romcom, and other kinds of comedy flicks ). Then you should consider getting the Stirr App.

Stirr is available on the web and on Apps for Android and iOS devices. The streaming app also supports Roku, Apple TV, and the Amazon FireTV.


CyberFlix has a wide collection of movies and shows which you can stream for free. This collection features old and latest updates of movies and TV shows.  The streaming is incapable of hosting on its own, but it can fetch links from reliable sources to the movies and shows you want to watch on the web.

All movies and shows you stream on this platform will be in HD. Also there is nothing like pop-up ads on this App. Subtitles for the shows and movies you stream are available in over 200 different languages.

Pluto TV

PlutoTV Guide

Pluto TV is the next on our list of Best FireTV Apps for free movies. You see, Pluto TV never runs out of new stuff. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about catching up with new movies and TV series.

With Pluto TV, you won’t need to pay either for downloading the App. Nor pay for premium services before you can access the contents on the site.

With over a hundred live channel options, Pluto TV gives you the opportunity to experience live TV on your Fire Stick. These channels cut across all genres. Not only that, on the platform there are thousands of movies and TV shows.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer allows you to enjoy a collection of TV shows, movies, Documentaries, News, and many more.

However, the App is restricted to the UK. But with VPN services, you can access the App from anywhere in the world.

Tubi TV


With Tubi TV, expect exceptional movies and TV series that will be hard to find on any other platform. Apart from that, the movie App has a catalog of old, classic, and latest movies and TV series. This catalog cuts across all genres for all age grades in HD.

You don’t need to subscribe or pay a token before you can download the App or gain access to the contents on the platform.



With CatMouse, you stand to enjoy all on-demand content like Shows and movies. It also allows you to stream in HD. However, CatMouse is incapable of hosting virtual content on its own. Hence the streaming App fetches links to all contents you wish to watch on the web.


Visual content on Xumo is disseminated into about 190 channels on the streaming platform. One thing you should know is that it’s hard to come by most of the channels on Xumo on the majority of the cable subscription out there.

However, every channel on Xumo has a streaming component which is not always a live TV broadcast. There are collections of on-demand content which include movies, shows, clip shows, short features, and many more. This content is just restricted to entertainment, it features News, Sports, TV, and series that cut across all genres.



With TyphoonTV, you can stream shows and movies for free. As the streaming App has a collection of movies and shows of all genres. This collection is a composite of old, trendy, classic, and latest movies and TV shows.

The App provides quality on-demand streaming without any subscription whatsoever. However, TyphoonTV is incapable of hosting visual content on its own. But it will fetch links to high-quality streams from diverse reliable sources on the internet.


Locast Program Guide

The non-profit streaming service has been around since 2018. With Locast, you can access various channels. However, the signals to these are sourced from each TV station antenna.

Locast provides in a few cities in the United States. These cities are San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, New York City, Sioux Falls, West Palm Beach, Puerto Rico, Rapid City in South Dakota, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Phoenix, Miami, and Los Angeles.

As stated earlier, Locast is a non-profit streaming television service. Which actually makes the donation pop-up request notification understandable. This donation request tends to disrupt your programs. However, the only way you can avoid this interruption is to donate a minimum of $5 every month. You can donate more depending on your preference.



UnlockMyTV is an Android APK streaming App that allows you to stream collections of movies and shows completely for free.  The movies and shows on this App features old and latest updates which  can be streamed in HD.

The App supports Chromecast in case you want to cast your media on other devices. Each visual content on this platform has a subtitle option of over 200 languages.

With UnblockMyTV, you won’t need to worry about pop-up ads disrupting your streams.

I hope this list has helped you find the best free online movies available for streaming from the Fire TV.

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