Top 10 Best Torrent Sites

Every year, different governments around the world are putting a lot into repressing and shutting down torrent websites, and these torrent websites get banned as a result. Many of these sites get affected, and they are getting impossible to locate. However, they are not as scarce as you might think.
Torrent sites are great resources for exchanging files freely. From TV shows, movies, games, software, videos, music to books, you can download almost anything. However, you should never download copyrighted works illegally. While most of the files you see are safe and legal, others are more questionable.

That is why we have compiled this list of the best torrent websites around for downloading just about anything. This guide would open your eyes to the biggest and most valuable torrent websites for you to benefit from. Most of them have been around for a very long time, evading shutdowns, while some are new but capable of being among the best. But first…

What Are Torrent Sites?

Torrent sites are an important piece in the process of “torrenting.” Unlike normal downloads, where you download files hosted on a server and facilitated by websites, torrenting involves downloads from different people who already have the file. It uses a technology known as P2P (peer-to-peer).

Whenever you download a file, you’re known as the leecher, and the person from whom you’re downloading is the seeder. A larger number of seeders enhances faster downloads. Therefore, the best torrent sites give you access to more seeders for the files you want. Another important part of the process is torrent clients. These are applications that allow you to use and download files from torrent sites. The most popular ones are uTorrent and BitTorrent.

Once you install a torrent client, you can access any of the torrent sites and search for the file you want. The search should display all the numerous results, if available, alongside the number of seeders and leechers. Now, you can either download or open the file directly. When the download completes, they will be available on your device through the torrent client.

How to Select the Best Torrent Sites

Selecting the best torrent sites can be quite tasking for those who do not possess the technical know-how. However, do not worry. We have done all the hard work to carefully select the best ones for you. Before we mention the sites, below are the features we assessed before picking the best.

The most important factor before crowning the best torrent websites has to be the library size. That is because the purpose of a website is to give visitors what they need. So, the best sites have to be those that can satisfy more people. It may usually be difficult to say the exact library size of these sites, but our research gave us hints for each of them.

And it’s no news that the best websites have the highest monthly traffic, which indicates how popular the site is and how much satisfaction you can get when you visit them. That takes us to download speed. While other factors such as your internet connection, these sites are also available at a certain average download speed.

Different torrent sites offer different file types. Although some have been able to come out on top for specific file types, others do well with providing all file types, and both categories are featured on our list. Also important is the number of ads on a website known as the ad intrusion. A site with a disturbing level of ads is never enjoyable for anyone.

Finally, we checked the security in place on each site. This is particularly important since many torrent sites could expose your information or compromise your privacy. We have tried to include only reliable websites. However, you should be extra careful using VPNs and remember not to input your details on unknown sites.

Now, the list of the best torrent sites. Go through the list below to find torrent websites that are making waves on the internet, as well as their basic details and the kind of files they have for you.

The Pirate Bay


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2003
  • Library Size: Over 3.3 Million
  • Download Speed: 65.9 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,

If there were a torrent site termed “old and forever dependable,” it would be The Pirate Bay (TPB). Despite being the oldest torrent site, it has remained solid and continues to get better. Through the years, this torrent site has escaped different ban attempts. If you’re looking for a torrent site you can trust, look no further than TPB.

It takes to trust a step further by indicating files shared by trusted and verified users. That means you can download and have your mind completely at rest. There are no complications since the user interface is clean, and the filtering system allows you to download exactly what you want faster by specifying file format and other details.

Although the site has ads, they are not intruding and can be gotten rid of fairly easily. TPB’s effectiveness and popularity means it has been banned from many countries, including United Kingdom, Russia, and Australia. However, you can get around this when you reroute your internet connection using a VPN.


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2007
  • Library Size: Over 2.4 Million
  • Download Speed: 69.4 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,,,,,

This is another very old torrent site that is still offering users millions of quality torrent files. 1337X is heavily stacked in every category you can think of, including numerous new and old movies, music, books, games, software, etc.

In case you think this site would be cumbersome, you’re mistaken. The friendly user interface makes it easy to get everything you want without any waste of time. It is even better since every file has extra information that tells you how many downloads each file has seen and the number of those sharing and downloading it. It also tells you the last time each file was downloaded.

This site stands out and is able to maintain its reputation due to the large panel of moderators. What this signifies is that a lot of the torrents available on the site excellent.


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2008
  • Library Size: Over 800 Thousand
  • Download Speed: 91.6 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,,

A torrent site that values quality more than quantity is RARBG. You may have noticed that they have a smaller library size. That is because RARBG isn’t open to seeding from everybody; instead, only verified uploaders are allowed. Even when this may not completely wipe out the upload of less-quality files, it is a huge advantage that signifies nothing but quality.

You can further check how good a file is by checking comments and ratings from previous downloaders. They also contain posters, images, and screenshot that tells you what to expect. That’s not all; you can easily sort through numerous files by using a filtering system. While it has also been banned from some countries, a good VPN can easily help you bypass this issue.


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2015
  • Library Size: Over 155 Thousand
  • Download Speed: 110.4 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,,

Just as you may have guessed, EZTV is a torrent site for downloading TV shows. This site gives you a huge database of popular TV shows, including movie series and reality shows. So, whether you’re looking for Game of Thrones or Survivor, RARBG is the place to be. However, downloading a full season may be a lot of work since you have to download each episode one after another. You may also get more luck downloading older shows than you do for newer ones.


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2010
  • Library Size: Over 4.5 Million
  • Download Speed: 59.7 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,

Torlock is the only torrent site that allows you to earn. They pay users who report fake torrents $1. This is part of their bigger verification process for guaranteeing that only excellent torrents make it to the site. Despite having such a unique method, Torlock is one of the biggest, boasting over 4.5million torrents. Another excellent feature of this site is its fast download speed. As far as you find the file you want, it will take you no time to get it on your device.

However, Torlock also relies heavily on ads. It would be best if you were careful when using Torlock so that you do not find yourself on malicious sites. You may also find some files you’re not able to download due to the lack of seeders.



Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2016
  • Library Size: Over 61 Million
  • Download Speed: 86.9 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,

This is a different kind of torrent website. It is basically a search engine for users to search for torrents from all over the internet. So, it is a great backup plan if you do not find the file you want on your favorite torrent site. All you have to do is search, and the results would tell you exactly where to get them. Therefore, Torrentz2 has a massive number of files since it is combining from different other sites.

One con of Torrentz2 is that its search function is quite lacking in recognizing what you really want. Meanwhile, you can still get what you want with a little more time sieving through the results. Also, you may come across annoying pop-ups and ads.


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2011
  • Library Size:> Over 8 Thousand
  • Download Speed:< 30.1 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,

YTS is your ultimate torrent site for downloading movies. That is why its library size is limited to just over some thousands. You won’t find TV shows, games, books, or movies here. But when you need high-quality movies in HD, you can count on YTS. It is a very popular site with a lot of good reputation among torrent lovers.

Another wonderful feature you’d enjoy on YTS is that most of its movies are very small in size despite being in high definition. This means your downloads would be very fast, and you will not have to spend too much bandwidth. They are also verified and legitimate files, leaving no cause to worry about malware. You may only come across occasional ads and pop-ups.


Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Library Size: Over 3.5 Million
  • Download Speed: 39.1 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,

Zooqle is a fairly new torrent site that was created in 2013. It has a huge database of torrent files, including books, software, and games. However, TV shows and movies are the greatest focuses of the site. This site has been amassing massive popularity despite being very new. It also has a friendly user interface that makes it easy to navigate around the site.

It is also easy to assess each file since the pages have important information such as upload time, quality, and the number of seeders and leechers. Searching and getting what you want could take as low as a minute sometimes. The only downside is the ever-present ads that keep popping up as you browse through.

Lime Torrents

Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2009
  • Library Size: Over 9.8 Million
  • Download Speed: 39.1 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,,

Lime Torrents has one of the largest library sizes with lots of music, TV shows, movies, games, software, and books. When you need a torrent website that guarantees you many results for each search, Lime Torrents fits in the description perfectly. While this is advantageous in a way, it also has its downsides, such as difficulty locating old files.

It focuses on recent torrents and gives a ton of seeders to download from. So, getting the newest episodes of the latest TV shows should not be a problem. It also has a section separated for keeping verified contents. Don’t worry about the number of results; you can get the better files easily by sorting according to the number of seeders. There are also pop-ups and malicious links.

Kickass Torrents

Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2008
  • Library Size: Unkown
  • Download Speed: 53 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,

Kickass Torrents is a torrent site boasting a large number of users downloading from its massive library size. Whatever file you search is guaranteed to give you many results from numerous seeders. While TV shows and movies are one of the most numerous, they also have files in different categories.

It doesn’t just give you a ton of results; it also tells you all you need to know about each file, including its seeder/leecher details. Suppose the uploader was verified or not would be specified, alongside screenshots and instructions for using some of the files. It gives you extra peace of mind to know what you’re downloading, and that is what you get from Kickass Torrents.

It has been banned from usage in several countries, but you can always still use it with a reliable VPN service. Just like the other sites, you should encounter disturbing ads and pop-ups, and you might need to activate your ad-blocker to enjoy this torrent site.

Torrent Downloads

Brief Details

  • Year Created: 2007
  • Library Size: Over 16 Million
  • Download Speed: 56.2 Mbps
  • Alternate URLs:,,,,,

If you’ve searched everywhere without luck, it’s time to move down to TorrentDownloads—one of the biggest library sizes for torrent files, ranging from movies, TV shows, software, games to music. With a huge database such as this comes the inability to find things easily. However, that is not the case with TorrentDownloads, making it easy to locate whatever you want.

Take advantage of its user-friendly interface and advanced search feature for sifting through the huge site. The advanced search allows you to search based on categories, while the interface makes navigation a breeze. TorrentDownloads is dedicated to helping you avoid fake downloads. That is why it also provides extra information for each torrent file.

Like it is the problem with other sites, ads and pop-ups are lurking around, but don’t forget to check the file ratings and comments to help you choose.


Quick Details

  • Year Created: 2016
  • Library Size: Over 19 Million
  • Download Speed: 3.7 MB/s
  • Alternate URL:

Boasting around 19 million downloads in its library, iDope is another large database for all types of torrent files. However, it stands out from others because of its clean user interface and easy navigation. It is an entirely new torrent website; therefore, it employs the latest technologies to keep you safe and get you all you want in record timing. While you can easily download different files, it also caters to a huge classic collection for those who love it.


Quick Details

  • Year Created: 2009
  • Library Size: Over 1.2 Million
  • Download Speed: 1.5 MB/s
  • Alternate URL:

YourBitTorrent was created after irreconcilable differences caused the owners of the predecessor, myBitTorrent, to shut it down. One of the partnering owners created this site to offer continuous torrent solutions to users. It has been around for a while and remains a favorite for many people.

It has files from different categories, and you can easily navigate them by sorting with different details, including size, upload time, number of seeders, etc. Every file you click on also shows you useful details. The interface is simple, and you can download anything instantly.


Quick Details

  • Year Created: 2003
  • Library Size: Over 800 Thousand
  • Download Speed: 2.1 MB/s
  • Alternate URLs:>,

Demonoid is one of the earliest sites on this list, and despite suffering a major setback after it was launched, it has managed to gather a huge number of dedicated followers. It grants you access to close to a million files from millions of followers. The download speed is somewhat poor, but it should still get the job done if you have a reliable internet connection.

Downloading on this site requires that you create an account, a process that is fast and totally worthwhile. Registration recently closed except for those with an invitation code. However, you can get one of these codes if you do an online search. The process is aimed at verifying users and making sure the files are safe for download and usage.


Quick Details

  • Year Created: 2010
  • Library Size: Over 13 Million
  • Download Speed: Unknown
  • Alternate URLs:,

With over 13 million torrent files, this site created in 2010 has sufficient files for everything you might be in search of, from movies, TV shows, music, software, etc. Extratorrent also has a nice interface for easy navigation. This site is heavy on pop-ups and ads; so, you might need the services of an ad blocker.


Despite how fulfilling it can be to find files easily through torrent sites, it is still important to be very careful when visiting them for many reasons. Reasons such as cyber-attack, or downloading copyrighted materials or viruses unknowingly.

That said, the future of torrent websites may not appear too bright due to the copyrighted materials they make available. Any of these websites could be banned at any time in any region or all over the world. But for now, you can download as much as you want from the sites featured above. Our list is extensive, and you can always switch from one to another if they get banned or do not have what you want.

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