Review: Winegard FL5500A Antenna

FL500C antenna

If you’re a cable cutter, a good antenna is a must if you still want to enjoy over-the-air channels from broadcast networks. After cutting my cable a couple of years ago, I quickly realized it was a chore to watch local sports that were broadcast on stations like NBC, Fox and CBS. I have purchased many indoor antennas since cutting cable and haven’t gotten the results I expected. The entire experience has caused me hours of frustration when trying to find the perfect spot for my antenna. Could the Winegard FL5500A antenna finally be the answer?

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Recommended YouTube Channels for Toddlers

YouTube For Toddlers Header

My toddler loves watching YouTube videos. But problems may arise if you don’t monitor some of the things on some of these so-called “for kids” channels. Many of them display violence, teach improper behavior, and show false teachings. After about a year of monitoring the things my toddler watches, we have come up with this list of the best YouTube channels our family recommends for toddlers.

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