Deezer: The Ultimate Guide

The advent of digitalization has brought about a tremendous change in almost every area of our lives. Gone were the days of cassette tapes, radio, vinyl, cassette tapes, VHS, and CDs before we could listen and watch anything. But today we have iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer.

>With that said, we have narrowed our focus to Deezer. Shortly, we will take you through everything you should know about Deezer. Without wasting time, let’s get to it.

What is Deezer? 

Deezer is an online streaming service founded by Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya. With the streaming service, you can stream songs owned by music record labels such as Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony and many more. However, the functionalities of Deezer extend beyond streaming music online. When you subscribe to any of the premium plans, you can listen to podcasts both online and offline.

With 14 million subscribers worldwide, Deezer currently has about 30,000 radio channels, and 56 million authorized songs.

In a moment we will be looking at  Deezer pricing plans, features, benefits, and limitations.

Pricing Plans and Features 

These features are determined by your budget and requirements. These pricing plan options are categorized into 6:

Free Plan

Deezer has a free trial package that allows you to enjoy certain features. This gives you the chance to have a taste before investing. However, you will only be accessible to limited Deezer features.


  • Access to stream millions of tracks for free
  • You can create your playlist and add music as your favorites
  • You can switch between your PC, tablets, mobile phones, and other supported devices.

Deezer Premium

The premium plan has a 30 days free trial offer. After this free trial, you are to subscribe for $7.49  monthly.


  • Access to an expansive catalog of tracks that cut across all genres and moods.
  • A 16-Bit/44 kHz track quality
  • Streaming without ad interruptions
  • You can download music for offline listening.
  • Intra-device listens: With Deezer students, you can switch between your PC, tablets, mobile phones, and other supported devices.

Deezer Student 

This plan is perfect for every student. With the Deezer Student plan,  you stand to enjoy Deezer for 30 days before you subscribe. This plan goes for $4.99 every month.  However, there are criteria you have to meet before you can be accessible to this plan.


Some of the features of Deezer Student are:

  • A 56 million track listen.
  • A limit of 1  individual account.
  • Stream music without ad interruption.
  • High-quality audio
  • Showtime

Deezer Family 

Deezer family is perfect for family use. Like Deezer student, the first month is free. After the free plan lapse, you will have to pay $7.49 every month for it.


  • A limit of 6  family members’ accounts.
  • You can only connect up to 13 devices. While the Admin can connect up to 3 devices. Other members of the family can only link up to 2 devices.

Kid profile

You don’t have to worry about what your kids listen to, the Deezer Family is kid-friendly. With the kid profile, you can keep control of what your kids listen to.

  • It can be synchronized with speakers, game consoles, and other home devices.

Deezer Hi-Fi 

The Deezer Hi-Fi plan is free for the first 3o days. After 30 days you have to subscribe for $7.49 monthly.


  • All features from the Deezer Premium plan.
  • Listening to music in a high-fidelity sound.

Deezer Annual Plan 

It goes for $49.90 per annum. With the Deezer annual plan, you will be saving quite a lot of money.


  • All features from the Deezer Premium plan.

Compatible Devices

Deezer is compatible with the following devices:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • macOS.

<li”>Windows Mobile

  • Windows



  • Although Deezer has a free plan which allows intending users to have a taste before investing. The free version only offers a 30 seconds snippet of every track on non-mobile devices.
  • The Deezer mobile app lacks Hi-Res Audio and MP3 upload compatibility.
  • And lastly, Deezer users can’t rewind live radio streams.

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