Bypass Fire TV “We can’t detect your remote” Without Remote

While kicking back and trying to enjoy some tube, I was prompted with this message on my Fire TV that said “We can’t detect your remote”. Unfortunately, my genuine Amazon remote was lost and I was using a universal remote with my Fire TV. Nothing I on my remote tried would let me bypass this message. How, oh how do I bypass this message?

After rifling through my couch cushions for the genuine Fire TV remote, I thought that I perhaps could never use my Fire TV again unless I found or purchased a new Fire TV remote. Until it dawned on me that there is a Fire TV remote app.

Yes! I downloaded the Amazon Fire TV app, and used it to select “OK” on the prompt. Huzzah! I was back in business. Though this annoying message still appears every now and then. At least this is a workaround until I find that darn remote.

Amazon Fire TV App Remote Interface
The Amazon Fire TV app can be used in place of a lost Fire TV remote control.

1 thought on “Bypass Fire TV “We can’t detect your remote” Without Remote”

  1. If you are using a Cable Company remote to turn on your Cable and TV together the message will appear for about 30 seconds and go away when it finds the Firestick. Keep the firestick nearby. To avoid the message, turn on the TV with the Firestick and the cable by itself with the cable remote.
    Easier to just turn them on together and let the TV find the remote in about 60 seconds and the message will go away.


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