Bypass Fire TV “We can’t detect your remote” Without Remote

While kicking back and trying to enjoy some tube, I was prompted with this message on my Fire TV that said “We can’t detect your remote”. Unfortunately, my genuine Amazon remote was lost and I was using a universal remote with my Fire TV. Nothing I on my remote tried would let me bypass this message. How, oh how do I bypass this message?

After rifling through my couch cushions for the genuine Fire TV remote, I thought that I perhaps could never use my Fire TV again unless I found or purchased a new Fire TV remote. Until it dawned on me that there is a Fire TV remote app.

Yes! I downloaded the Amazon Fire TV app, and used it to select “OK” on the prompt. Huzzah! I was back in business. Though this annoying message still appears every now and then. At least this is a workaround until I find that darn remote.

Amazon Fire TV App Remote Interface
The Amazon Fire TV app can be used in place of a lost Fire TV remote control.

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