Bypass Fire TV “We can’t detect your remote” Without Remote

Fire TV Can't Detect Your Remote

While kicking back and trying to enjoy some tube, I was prompted with this message on my Fire TV that said “We can’t detect your remote”. Unfortunately, my genuine Amazon remote was lost and I was using a universal remote with my Fire TV. Nothing I on my remote tried would let me bypass this message. How, oh how do I bypass this message?

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How to Connect Roku to an Analog CRT TV

Roku 3

Breathe new life into that old Analog CRT TV by connecting a Roku to it. But what if you have an old, non-smart TV that’s doesn’t have an HDMI port? Can you connect a Roku to it? Here are two solutions you can use.

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YouTube TV: How To Mark Shows as ‘Unwatched’

YouTube TV Header

Are you wondering how to mark shows as “Unwatched” on YouTube TV? You’re not the only one!

If you’re looking for a single setting on your videos to set them as “Unwatched” after you have watched them, you won’t find one. But clearing the show from your watch history will do this.

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