Recommended YouTube Channels for Toddlers

My toddler loves watching YouTube videos. But problems may arise if you don’t monitor some of the things on some of these so-called “for kids” channels. Many of them display violence, teach improper behavior, and show false teachings. After about a year of monitoring the things my toddler watches, we have come up with this list of the best YouTube channels our family recommends for toddlers.

First some explanation on the scaling system we used. We chose these videos because these channels:

  • Do not make grammatical mistakes with the American English language.
  • Feature content that is suitable for even the most sensitive 1 year old.
  • Are not weird and actually make sense with the stories they depict.
  • Has decent quality video and audio.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the list.



This nursery rhyme channel features a family of 5 and their animal friends. singing familiar nursery rhyme songs. The songs play while the family goes about their day doing anything from singing along in an animal band to balloon races.

What’s great about this channel is that it teaches lessons like eating vegetables, brushing teeth, and saying please and thank you while keeping the viewer engaged.

Fizzy Toy Show

Fizzy Toy Show

There is no shortage of toy unboxing channels on YouTube, and I have problems with many of them. A few common problems I have seen with the typical toy unboxing show is they can show violence. My little one started hitting as soon as he saw an unboxing video that portrayed one stuffed toy hitting another. The Fizzy Toy Show channel has set itself apart from the rest of the toy unboxing channels as a safe place for toddlers to enjoy seeing the latest toys without teaching them distasteful habits.

The channel features a mom named “Ms. Hands”, because that’s really all you see of her and her toy puppets unboxing and playing with the latest Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Disney toys and more. It’s also a plus that her voice isn’t as annoying as the voices you’d usually find with these types of channels.

Dave & Ava

Dave and Ava

A musical nursery rhyme channel filled with superb animation and imagination. Dave & Ava takes place in an imaginary world filled with animals. Most videos feature classic songs your child is already familiar with. A few songs have different lyrics with the same notes as familiar classic nursery rhymes.

There is also a Dave & Ava app available for iPhone and Android your toddler can use to learn ABCs and 123s.

Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs

The name sums it up perfectly! Your child will enjoy super simple and familiar songs sung by friendly puppets while learning proper manners and eating habits. The animation is great, and the singing talent is actually solid, unlike many of the “wannabe” channels you’ll find on YouTube.

What do you think of this list? Please share your opinion as well as any YouTube Channels for toddlers you’ve come across that work for your child.

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