Apple TV: 3 Universal Remotes That Work

I was recently thrilled to learn that there are options for replacement universal remotes that work with Apple TV. It’s difficult to find them, since some of the universal remotes for sale out there can be expensive or not work quite right as far as button assignments. These options work best with the Apple TV.

Option #1 – GE Universal Remote

After reading some of the reviews on Amazon, I confirmed that many customers are using the remote on tons of unexpected devices like the Apple TV. I had to test this for myself. I was shocked to find that it worked just as well on my 4th Gen Apple TV as it did for my Roku. There were a few hiccups here and there. For example, I couldn’t figure out how to back out of a screen when using Hulu. Also, don’t test the Apple TV code using the Power button as the remote instructions indicate n as the Apple TV remote doesn’t have a Power button. Even with these types of hiccups, it may be the best remote that’s under $9, ever!

Note: A few people have reported this remote does not work with the 3rd Gen Apple TV.

Option #2 – Philips Universal Remote

This Phillips model is another solid option to control your Apple TV and other devices for under $10. This remote feels very solid. It doesn’t have that cheap plastic feel you would find with other remotes at this price point. It has a massive code library, almost guaranteeing it will work with any entertainment device you own.

Option #3 – Sony RMVLZ620

This remote is my go to for my room that contains an Apple TV, Roku, VCR, and cable box. It has a ton of buttons that should cover all your needs, though it’s sometimes complex to figure out which button does what for your device.

This option is pricier at $30, but the range and number of devices make it a very viable option.


Why can’t I get the Apple TV to see my new remote?

Some users have told me that you have to unpair the old Apple TV remote. If you still have problem, you may want to power down, then power the Apple TV back on.

Why won’t the universal remote power the Apple TV off?

The Apple TV is intended to be an always on device. The Apple TV remote doesn’t have a button to turn it off, hence the universal remote will not do this either.

Hopefully one of these remotes is the universal remote solution you need to work with your Apple TV. Please feel free to share your experiences with these or other remote controls in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Apple TV: 3 Universal Remotes That Work”

  1. I purchased a universal remote for apple tv box (spectrum) yet I cannot get the individual channel buttons to work. It brings up the guide but that’s all. I am looking for a remote where I can type in channel 70 and not have to scroll thru all the channels

  2. The AppleTV doesn’t have a power button? Uh. Well I hold the TV button (the one with the picture of a TV) and select “seep everything” or some such, the TV and receiver for off, and the LED on the AppleTV goes out so… it’s almost a power button.

    My complaint is, while you can program the ATV to use any remote, THAT BUTTON cannot be programmed, so the only way to get that functionality is with the awful original em remote.


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