Can You Watch Local Channels on Fire TV?

Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video is great, but what if you just want to watch some old fashioned, live over-the-air local channels using your Amazon Fire TV? Use these solutions to get started enjoying those local channels.

Option 1 – Locast

Locast Program Guide

If you are in one of the supported cities, Locast is by far the best option to receive local channels in your area. They have all the channels in your area and even provide a neat program guide to go with it. This service is available without an antenna or cable TV. Live news broadcasts are also not blacked out.

The easiest way to get started is to check to see if you’re in an area that is supported by the app and sign up from a computer. After that, you can download the app in the Amazon appstore. Follow the directions to verify your account and you’ll be watching locally broadcast TV in no time. The service is free, though they do request donations. If you don’t donate at least $5.50 a month, the app will constantly prompt you for donations.

Option 2 – Live Streaming Services

Many of the services that offer streaming and live cable TV also offer local channels. These services usually cost around $65 per month.

Option 3 – Network Apps

Many of the major TV networks offer their shows and local news via apps that are made for Fire TV. If you just want to watch content from just a few networks, this is the best option.

Hopefully you have found one of the solutions above helpful for watching the local channels from your Amazon Fire TV. Have a different solution? Feel free to share it in the comments section.

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