Netflix Fireplace Movies for the Holidays

It’s the time of year when family and loved ones gather around the fireplace for the holidays. What? You don’t have a fireplace? Well, how about the next best thing? Netflix is offering “Fireplace for Your Home” on their streaming services once again this year.

Netflix has expanded its offering of fireplace videos. There are now 3 versions to choose from. They have the Fireplace for your Home – Birchwood Edition,which is 60 minutes of birchwood logs crackling without music.

The standard Fireplace for your Home version has 3 different 60-minute episodes with an option for holiday music, no music, or the burning of a Yule Log.

If you enjoyed the original version made in 2013, they also have Fireplace for your Home – Classic Edition available as well.

3 Fireplace Versions on Netflix


As of this writing, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have not made their fireplace style videos available.

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