Netflix: How Fast of an Internet Connection Do You Need?

So you’re interested in using the Netflix Instant service. For the best experience, you’ll need to ensure that your Internet connection is fast enough to support streaming high quality video without a hiccup. So how fast does your Internet connection need to be? Well, it depends on how you intend to use the service.

Netflix requires a connection that is capable of at least 0.5 Megabits per second. That is the bare minimum though, and the video quality my not be all that great with that slow of a connection.

A 1.5 Mbps connection is recommended to stream standard, non-HD video. If you want to view HD quality video though, the recommendations are as follows:

  • 0.5 Mbps Base Required broadband connection
  • 1.5 Mbps Base Recommended broadband connection
  • 3.0 Mbps for DVD/SD quality
  • 5.0 Mbps for HD
  • 7.0 Mbps for Super HD
  • 12 Mbps for 3D
  • 25 Mbps for Ultra HD quality

You can change the quality of your Netflix video to accommodate your connection by visiting the video quality settings page on Netflix.

The recommendations above don’t account for your environment. Your networking equipment may slow things down a bit. So if you plan on streaming Netflix to a bedroom in a corner of your home that is far away from your wireless router, you may not get the performance you expect.┬áTest out your connection by visiting to ensure you have a connection that is speedy enough for your needs.

If you want the capability of streaming video on multiple devices in your home, judging what kind of connection becomes even more complex. There are too many variables to say for sure what will work. For an example though, I will tell you that my Internet provider serves a 50Mbps option, and that’s what I need to confidently stream HD video from 3 devices in my home.

Well, hopefully you now know everything you need to know about how fast of an Internet connection you need for your Netflix Instant needs. Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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