Peacock: How to Disable Auto Video Ads

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Loud video ads seem to be more problematic these days than they used to be. It seems every screen I load on my Fire TV inundates me with automatic videos that play trailers for stuff they want me to watch.

The Peacock app will automatically play video when you first open the app. It’s annoying! So, we cover how you can turn this feature off with the following steps:

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YouTube: How to Repeat Video

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So, your 7-year-old found that Taylor Swift song on YouTube and wants to play it on repeat it for infinity? You might be better off telling her “There’s no way to do that!”. But there actually is a little hack you can use to repeat the same video over and over again.

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How to Stream On Patrol: Live

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One of the shows I enjoyed watching with my Dad was Cops. I guess that’s why I’m a huge fan of On Patrol: Live.

I’m involved in quite a few message boards for the show, and it seems many people have trouble figuring out how to stream the show live. So, I decided to make this guide.

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Peacock: How to Choose Specific Episode

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If you have previously watched a TV series using the Peacock app, then go back to watch the show later, the app will throw you right back into the episode you were watching. This threw me off when I wanted to watch a different episode. This isn’t how many other apps work. Usually, you are given a choice of which episode to watch when you open a series. But Peacock doesn’t work that way.

So, how in the heck do you simply choose a specific episode to watch in the Peacock app? I figured it out, and here are the steps.

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Firestick: How to Factory Reset (Even When Frozen)

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If you’re having constant trouble with your Amazon Firestick, a factory reset (also known as a hard reset) may be the best remedy. A factory reset will clear all settings and data from the device. Your apps will download once again after setting the Firestick back up.

There are two different ways you can perform a factory reset on the Firestick. One way is to simply navigate to the option in Settings. The other way is using a remote-control button combo, which is a great option to have if the Firestick is frozen or you can’t access Settings.

In this post, we’ll show you both methods for performing a factory reset.

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