Can You Use a Firestick With Roku TV?

TCL Roku TV Header

You invested in a Roku TV but want to use an Amazon Firestick with it. Will this work? Is the Firestick compatible with Roku TV?

You may think that the Firestick would be blocked from being used on a competing device. But you can actually use a Firestick with your Roku TV. We’ll show you how to connect an Amazon Firestick with any Roku TV with this tutorial.

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How to Use Firestick With Multiple TVs

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Sometimes I wish I could enjoy watching the same movie as the rest of my family in a different room of the house. You can do this using the Amazon Firestick by connecting it with multiple TVs. All you need is the right hardware. In this guide, I will show you two solutions for connecting a Firestick with multiple TVs so each screen will mirror-one another and play the same audio.

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Roku: How to Find Remote

Roku Remote Control

The standard Roku remote is so small, it tends to get lost very often. I’ve lost mine in the fridge, in the bathroom, and of course, in the couch cushions. What do you do when you just can’t find that important piece of hardware that is the only thing that allows you to watch TV? Use these tips to find your Roku remote, and cope when you are without it.

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