Fire TV / Firestick Not Showing Recent App Icons

Apps on Fire TV

Users of the Amazon Fire TV / Firestick may find that the downloaded or recent apps list is no longer showing or updating on the Home screen. Instead, users will see a blank band across the top of the Home screen where the app icons belong.

Fortunately, we have the fix for you in this guide. Follow these steps to bring back your list of recent apps.

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Fire TV / Firestick Says “Format not supported”

Firestick Resolution Setting Toggle

Users of the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Firestick may experience a problem where a message appears that says “Format not supported”. When this message appears, you are unable to use the Fire TV / Firestick.

This message is usually related to the Fire TV / Firestick being set to a screen resolution that is not supported by the TV it is connected to. Fortunately, you can usually fix this problem with these steps.

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