How to Connect Keyboard to Firestick

Unlike other models of the Amazon Fire TV, the Firestick and Fire TV Stick Lite does not have a USB port. You can still connect a keyboard to the Firestick with a little tech know-how though. We cover what you need in this guide.

Connecting Keyboard to Firestick

  1. If you don’t own one already, purchase a Micro USB to USB adapter (otherwise known as an OTG adapter).
  2. Connect the power cable to the adapter’s Micro USB port.
  3. Connect the Firestick to the other Micro USB port on the adapter.
  4. Connect a USB keyboard to the standard USB port on the adapter.
    Firestick Connect Keyboard Diagram

That’s it! The keyboard will now work with the Fire TV. If you use a keyboard with a built in touch-pad, that will work in the Silk browser and a few other Fire TV apps as well. Wireless keyboards also work!

I hope this guide has got you successfully using a keyboard with your Amazon Firestick. Please leave a comment if you need further help.

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