Fix Roku ‘Insufficient Power’ Message

When the Roku detects that it is unable to draw a proper amount of power, an ‘Insufficient Power‘ or ‘Low Power‘ message will appear on the screen, accompanied by a lightning bolt and plug icon. Troubleshooting this problem can be tough. Use this guide to fix this issue.

Reset TV

If you have previously been able to use the USB port on your TV to power your Roku without issue, but are now receiving this error, you may want to reset the TV. See the documentation provided with your TV to learn the steps to reset it.

Most of the time, simply unplugging your TV for 10 minutes works. For some TVs, pressing and holding the “Power” button on the TV for 40 seconds will reset it.

Hopefully, this will reset the USB port hardware in the TV, and allow proper power to be delivered to the Roku.

Cool it Off

If the Roku senses that it’s too hot, it slows down the amount of current it draws. This can cause the “Insufficient Power” message to appear on Roku TV models as well as non-integrated hardware.

Ensure there are no objects around the Roku that could restrict air flow and clear items that may be giving off heat.

Clean Power Contacts

Ensure the contacts at the end of each side of the power cable are free of debris. Usually a shot of canned air can clear debris away.

Try Another Port

If you are powering your Roku via a USB port, try to utilize another port on the TV. You can also try a USB port that may be on another piece of hardware like a cable box, or Blu-ray player.

Use Wall Outlet

If you receive this error while using a USB port, it may not be sending enough power through the port. Use the power block and cable that was supplied with your device to plug the Roku into a wall outlet.

Even if using a USB port without the power block worked before, things may have changed in the Roku OS or the channels you use that may require more power.

Replace Wall Adapter & Cable

If you have gotten this far and you’re still having problems with the ‘Insufficient Power’ message appearing, your best bet is to get a new power block and cable. Be sure to get one that is approved by Roku to work with your particular device. The best place to purchase them is the Roku Accessories web page.

I hope this guide has helped you solve the ‘Insufficient Power’ popup problem on the Roku. If you need additional help, drop me a note in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve tried everything here short of getting a new cord and block. At this point, I’m wondering if it won’t just be worth it to get another Roku. I have the Roku Premiere currently. If you have any other advice I’m open to it. I just want to not spend as much as I can. LOL


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