Fix – Spotify Music Stops Playing

You’re cruising along on the Interstate while jamming to some tunes when suddenly you hear silence. Spotify once again stopped playing music on your Android device. It’s an especially frustrating problem when you’re driving and you can’t exactly fix the problem without pulling over.

Well pull over and read these tips. We’ll get you back on the road and listening to your Spotify music in no time with these troubleshooting steps.

Ensure Nobody Else is Using Your Account

If somebody else such as a friend or family member starts listening to music on and device like an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other device, Spotify will kick you out and stop playing music on your device.

Check to make sure nobody else could possibly be listening using your account. To be sure nobody else can use your account, you may want to logout of all devices. You can do this by logging into your Spotify account in a web browser and visiting the Account overview page. From there, scroll down and select the Sign out everywhere button.

Spotify Sign out everywhere Button

If it’s possible somebody may have your Spotify credentials, you may want to change your Spotify password as well. If you use Google or Facebook to login to Spotify, you may need to reset your password on those services as well.

Remove and Reinstall the Spotify App

It may seem simple. But removing then reinstalling the Spotify app can quickly get you back up and running.

You can find out how to perform a clean uninstall and reinstall of Spotify on their community article “How can I perform a clean reinstall of the app?”

Disable Battery Saving Features

If the device you are using with Spotify has a battery saving feature, it may be shutting Spotify off automatically. Ensure battery saving features are turned off for the Spotify app.

Android Battery Setting

The location for battery saver settings differs between Android devices. But can typically be found by going to Settings > Apps > Spotify > Battery and set it to Unrestricted.

iPhone Battery Setting

Ensure Low Power Mode is turned off under Settings > Battery.

iPad Low Power Mode Setting

Go to Settings > Spotify and verify that Background App Refresh is turned on.

iPad Spotify Background App Refresh Setting


Ensure Device Screen is Clear or Turned Off

There was once an occasion where Spotify kept stopping or skipping songs for me because my phone was in my pocket with the screen on. Every time I moved; Spotify would stop because something would come into contact with the pause or skip buttons on the screen.

So be sure the screen of your device is turned off and there is no debris on the screen that may be causing Spotify to stop playing.

I hope the tips in this post has helped you solve the mystery of why Spotify music keeps stopping. Let me know how it worked out for you in the comments.

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