How to Make Firestick Run Faster (7 Ways)

With each update of FireOS it seems that the older versions of the Firestick run slower and slower. If you’re suffering with speed issues with your Firestick, don’t run out and buy a newer model just yet. In this post we will provide solutions that should help if you have problems with any of the following:

  • Choppy or lagging video or video that freezes while buffering.
  • Blurry or low frame rate video.
  • Slow menu navigating.


1. Try a Soft Reset

Sometimes you just need to restart the Firestick for it to start working properly. Try a soft reset. This will simply reboot the Firestick. You will not lose any data.

You can soft reset the Firestick three ways:

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart.
  • Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons on the remote simultaneously for about 15 seconds.
  • Unplug then re-plug the power cable on the Firestick.

2. Keep Firestick in a Cool Place

This tip gets overlooked a lot. But it’s the main reason I see Firesticks run slow. The Firestick has a chip inside that likes things cool. If things get too hot, the chip will throttle your speed to protect itself from overheating.

Things can get really hot behind a TV. Make sure the Firestick is in a place that is not right up against a warm TV, a heating vent, or any other equipment that might heat things up. Use an HDMI extender (included with most Firesticks) if you need to allow more distance between the Firestick and the TV.

3. Ensure There is a Strong Wi-Fi Connection

A strong connection to the Internet is needed for the Firestick to deliver the best experience for streaming video.

Make sure that the Firestick isn’t too close or too far away from the wireless router. Also be sure that the Firestick isn’t right up against something that may be blocking the signal to the wireless router. Using the HDMI extender included with most Firestick models can help distance the Firestick away from the TV or other devices that may block a strong wireless signal.

4. Use Firestick with the Proper Power Adapter

Many users like to just plug the Firestick into a USB port on the TV. This is a bad idea because doing so usually doesn’t supply the Firestick with the proper amount of power it needs.

Use the power block provided with your Firestick. If you lost it, you could use a power supply with the specs of 5.25V, 1A, 5W or purchase a new one.

5. Uninstall Unused Apps

If you can free some data space on your Firestick, it may improve performance. Freeing space can allow apps to cache more data for quicker access.

Navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Have a look at the list of apps and see if you can live without some of the apps in the list. Select the app in the list then choose Uninstall to remove the app from your device. Repeat for each app you can do away with.

6. Use Google DNS

This step is for if you have a problem with streaming video. Some Firestick users have reported better performance if they use Google’s DNS Service.

See our tutorial: How to Setup Google Public DNS on Fire TV & Firestick to learn how to use Google DNS with your Firestick.

7. Factory Reset Firestick

This is a last resort. If you’re frustrated with the speed of your Firestick and just want to cut to the chase, a factory reset is what you should do.

A factory reset will erase data from your Firestick, setting it back to the state it was when you purchased it.

To factory reset, you can go to Settings > My Fire TV or Device & Software > Device & Software > Reset to Factory Defaults.

If menus are running so slow you can’t get there, try holding “Right” ◑ on the directional pad and “Back” Fire TV Remote Back Button together for 15 seconds, or until you see a message appear that says, “Reset to Factory Defaults“.

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