HBO Max: How to Turn Subtitles On/Off

Using subtitles is an excellent way to better understand the dialog of an HBO Max program when watching at a low volume. In this post, we will cover how to access the settings to turn subtitles on or off in the HBO Max app.

Subtitle Settings on Fire TV / Roku / Apple TV

  1. Start streaming the program you wish to watch.
  2. Press Down two times on the directional pad on the remote, then arrow right over to the talk cloud icon. Press the Select/Center button to select it.
    HBO Max Audio and Subtitles Icon
  3. Use the directional pad to highlight the desired setting. You can choose Off to turn subtitles off or select a language to display the subtitles to turn them on.
    HBO Max Auto and Subtitle Settings

If you have gone through these steps and the settings aren’t working as expected, try setting them from a web browser. We have a post about it here.

Subtitle Settings on iPhone, iPad, Android, Fire Tablet, or Web Browser

    1. Login to HBO Max and start streaming the program you wish to watch.
    2. Move your mouse over the screen, or tap the screen once, then select the talk cloud icon.
      HBO Max Audio and Subtitles Icon Web Version
  1. Click or tap the desired setting under the Subtitle menu.
    Subtitle and Audio Settings in HBO Max (Web Version)
  2. Select the X to close out and save the changes.


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