Netflix: How To Change Profile Picture

You can customize your experience by changing your Netflix profile picture. We show you the steps in detail in this post.

Change Profile Picture Via Browser

  1. Using any browser, login to
  2. From the main screen, select your profile pic, then “Manage Profiles“.
    Netflix Manage Profiles Web
  3. Choose the profile you wish to edit.
    Netflix Manage Profiles Screen
  4. Select the new profile picture you wish to use.
    Netflix Edit Profile Picture
  5. Confirm that you would like to “Change profile icon” by selecting “LET’S DO IT“.Netflix Change Profile Pic Confirmation

Change Profile Picture Via Smart TV or Channel App

Use these instructions to perform the steps on a Roku, Fire TV, or other type of smart TV device.

  1. If you’re currently logged into the Netflix channel, exit out by going to the left menu pane on the Home screen and selecting “Exit Netflix“.
  2. Launch the Netflix channel again. You will be prompted to select a profile. Highlight the profile you wish to change, then arrow down and select the “Edit” icon under that profile.
  3. Select the “Icon” option.
    Netflix Roku Change Profile Icon
  4. Choose the new profile picture you wish to use.
    Netflix Roku Choose New Profile Pic
  5. Select “Let’s Do It” to confirm the change.
    Netflix Change Profile Roku


How can I set my own custom picture as my profile picture?

At the time of this writing, Netflix doesn’t allow you to upload and use your own photos as profile pics.

I hope this post has helped you quickly learn how to change the profile picture in Netflix. I love to hear how my guides work, so please leave a comment!

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