Roku: MLB TV Freezes? Let’s Fix it!

I’m a baseball lover! I love watching the Chicago Cubs whenever I can on the MLB TV channel on my Roku. The problem is that about halfway though watching a game, the app will just freeze.

I’ve found that clearing the cache and restarting the Roku before I start watching a game prevents this from happening. Here’s how it’s done.

Press the following buttons on the remote in rapid succession:

🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠 + ▲ + ⏪️⏪️ + ⏩️⏩️

  • Home 5 times
  • Up 1 time
  • Rewind 2 times
  • Fast Forward 2 times

If done right, the screen should go blank for a bit, then the Roku will restart. The cache will be cleared and will usually result in a better viewing experience on MLB TV.

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