Spotify Says “Can’t Play Current Song”

Spotify is my favorite service for listening to music. But sometimes it’s a bit glitchy and slow. Spotify often throws a “Can’t Play Current Song” message. I have managed to solve this error many times using different methods. I’ll share them in this post.

Re-Select Device Connection

Select the Devices icon, then re-select the device you wish to use. If that doesn’t work, try to connect to another device, then switch back to the device you wish to use. Sometimes this step refreshes Spotify and allows the song to play.

Spotify Select Device

Change Hardware Acceleration Setting (Client Only)

For some computers, turning hardware acceleration on in the Spotify software makes it work better. Other computers, not so much. Check to see if changing this setting allows you to get around this error.

  1. Select  > “Edit” > “Preferences…”
    Spotify Preferences Menu
  2. Select “Show Advanced Settings“.
    Spotify Show Advanced Settings
  3. In the “Compatibility” section, change the “Enable hardware acceleration” setting.
    Spotify Hardware Acceleration Setting

Now see if you can play music again.

Close & Restart Spotify

Perhaps Spotify needs to be refreshed. Try closing out of Spotify, then starting the application again. If you’re using the web browser player, close completely out of all browser tabs, then relaunch it.

Hopefully, it’s that simple for you, and just restarting fixes the problem. If restarting the player doesn’t work, try restarting your entire computer or device.

Clear Spotify Cache (Client Only)

Spotify has a setting that allows it to cache music on your device. This makes it easier for Spotify to play music, because the files are stored locally on your device. Sometimes this cache gets corrupted and causes problems. Try clearing the cache using these steps.

  1. Select  > “Edit” > “Preferences…”
  2. Select “Show Advanced Settings“.
  3. Look at the path for “Offline storage location“.
  4. Close Spotify, then use a file explorer to navigate to the path where the cache files are.
  5. In the cache location, you’ll find a bunch of folders with two characters that are named random letters and numbers. Delete all of these folders.
  6. Open Spotify and attempt to play a track again.


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