How to Connect Roku 3 to an Analog CRT TV

Back in January, I wrote about how the Roku streaming video player can make older analog TVs useful. I have a 17″ Sony in my bedroom that can display a 480i picture, and that’s fine enough for me. Since the Roku 2 can connect to older analog CRT TV sets, I currently run a Roku 2 on that TV and enjoy it immensely.

Now the Roku 3 has been released with support for connections via HDMI only. If you were planning on using the Roku 3 with an analog TV, this news is a bummer. You still have an option though. With these steps, you can connect the Roku 3 to an analog TV.

  1. Obtain a converter box that will convert the digital HDMI connection to a composite analog connection. I chose the Elekcity Mini HDMI to AV Composite Converter because it’s small and you can power it with a USB cable. That means I can plug it directly into the USB port of the Roku 3 and it’s one less device taking up a spot on my power strip.
  2. Connect the Roku 3 to the converter box via HDMI cable. Note that the HDMI cable is not included with the Roku 3.
  3. Connect the converter box to your TV using a 3RCA cable connection.

While the video may have the sides cut off when using some Roku channels, this is the best solution when you absolutely must connect the Roku 3 to an analog TV.


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