Fire TV / Firestick Says “Format not supported”

Users of the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Firestick may experience a problem where a message appears that says “Format not supported”. When this message appears, you are unable to use the Fire TV / Firestick.

This message is usually related to the Fire TV / Firestick being set to a screen resolution that is not supported by the TV it is connected to. Fortunately, you can usually fix this problem with these steps.

Fix 1 – Change Resolution

  1. Press and hold Rewind and Up on the remote simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release both buttons when the screen changes in any way.
  2. The Fire TV / Firestick will start cycling through different resolution settings. You may or may not see text on the screen during the process as the Fire TV / Firestick attempts to find a screen resolution that is compatible with your TV.
  3. Once a resolution appears that works fine, press “Select” on the remote.

You may need to repeat this process several times to achieve the best results.

Fix 2 – Reseat or Change HDMI Port

If Fix 1 doesn’t work for you, try unplugging the Fire TV / Firestick from the HDMI port, then plug it back in. You may also want to try plugging the Fire TV / Firestick into another HDMI port on the TV if possible.

If you’re using an HDMI cable to connect the Fire TV to the TV,  you may want to try replacing the HDMI cable.

I hope this post has helped you solve the “Format not supported” error on the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV. If you still need help with this problem, leave me a comment below.

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