Fire TV Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

If you want to enjoy all the benefits the Amazon Fire TV has to offer, you need to be connected to a strong wireless network. At times this could be a major challenge. If you have troubles with the Wi-Fi connecting and your Fire TV, you’re at the right place.

In this guide, we will identify some of the common reasons why your Fire TV won’t connect to a Wi-Fi network and provide a well-detailed step-by-step process of how to troubleshoot this problem.

This post applies to all models of the Amazon Fire TV including Insignia/Toshiba smart TV models, Fire TV Stick, and box varieties.

Reset your Amazon Fire TV

Oftentimes, a simple reset is enough to fix network connection problems. Try unplugging the Fire TV for about 10 seconds, then plugging it back in. You can also reset by pressing and holding the “Play/Pause” button and the “Select” button on the remote at the same time until the device restarts. This will refresh the hardware, and hopefully be the quickest way to get your Fire TV connected successfully to your Wi-Fi network.

Reset Your Router & Modem

Unplug all of your networking equipment. Unplug your wireless router and modem. If you are using a wireless extender, unplug that as well. Wait about 30 seconds before you plug it all in again.

Note: Sometimes the router and modem are contained within the same device provided by your Internet provider. You may only need to unplug one device.

Ensure No Networks With Same SSID

I have seen problems with multiple SSIDs (network names) a few times for people who install Wi-Fi extenders in their home. Sometimes Wi-Fi extenders are setup to use the same SSID (network name) as they do for the main Wi-Fi network. That’s why I always recommend using a different SSID for your extended network. It avoids confusion about which network device you’re connecting to. Then you can clearly see if you are connecting to Wi-Fi router or extender that is closest to the Fire TV.

Also check that there are no rogue Wi-Fi networks using the same SSID as your wireless equipment. I once had a neighbor who used the same SSID as mine (linksys), and some of my devices were inadvertently attempting to connect to my neighbor’s network instead of my own. If this is the case, the password you type from your Wi-Fi network will always be incorrect.

Eliminate Wi-Fi Interference

As with anything that operates wirelessly, Wi-Fi networks are prone to interference. Baby monitors, wireless cameras, and even microwaves can interfere with your wireless connection. Turn off any nearby devices that could possibly interfere with the connection.

If you’re trying to connect the Fire TV to a 2.4GHz network, you may have interference from your neighbor’s wireless devices. I recommend you utilize a 5GHz wireless connection if you can. The range is much shorter than that of a 2.4GHz network, but a 5Ghz connection is much less prone to interference issues.

If you’re not sure if the Wi-Fi network you are using is 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, try using these tips.


I hope the troubleshooting steps in this post have helped you solve your problem with the Fire TV and connecting to Wi-Fi. If you still have difficulty connecting your Fire TV device to a Wi-Fi network after following this guide, you should contact Amazon Device Support.

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