Fix – Stuck on “Fire TV” Logo Screen

You just want to watch some TV and your Fire TV won’t boot and is stuck on the Fire TV logo. Many Fire TV users have encountered this problem from time to time. In this post I’ll show you some troubleshooting steps you can take to try to clear this problem.

Unplug then Re-plug Power

If you have waited more than 5 minutes for the Fire TV or Amazon logo to clear, try unplugging the Fire TV from its power source for 10 seconds, then plugging it back in.

Plug Into Wall Outlet (Firestick)

You may have been able to power your Firestick by plugging it into a USB port on your TV. But it’s possible that’s exactly what is causing a problem now. Be sure that you are plugging your Firestick into a wall outlet using a power block with the specs: 5.25V, 1A, 5W.

Start in Safe Mode

See if the Fire TV will start in Safe Mode. If you can access the menus in Safe Mode, you can possibly undo whatever setting or app is causing the problem.

To start the Fire TV in Safe Mode, just follow these steps:

  1. Plug a standard PC keyboard into the USB port on your Fire TV. If you are using a Firestick, you can learn how to do that with a Firestick here.
  2. Start the Fire TV, when the Fire TV logo displays, press and hold the following keys on the keyboard: CTRL + ALT + Print Screen + Menu + i.
    Fire TV Safe Mode Keys

If done correctly, the Fire TV should start with the words “Safe Mode” at the lower-left part of the screen.

Fire TV in Safe Mode

Once in Safe Mode, uninstall apps that may be causing the problem.

Hard Reset

If the above steps haven’t solved your problem, you will want to factory hard reset your Fire TV device. A factory reset will clear all data from the Fire TV.

To hard reset, perform these steps:

Press and hold “Right” ◑ on the directional pad and “Back”  together for 15 seconds, or until you see a message appear that says, “Reset to Factory Defaults“.

Firestick Factory Reset Buttons

Once the message appears, press “Left” on the directional pad and select “OK“, or just let the time tick and the system will automatically reset.

Hopefully, the Fire TV will restart and allow you to go through the setup process to get it working again.

I hope this post has helped you solve the problem were your Fire TV is frozen on the Fire TV logo screen. Hopefully you’re off the enjoying some leisure time watching TV. Let me know how it worked for you in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Fix – Stuck on “Fire TV” Logo Screen”

  1. Hi, I ran into a problem with my Fire Stick 4K Max, and this is the 2nd time this has happened in the last 2 months. The short version (of the problem) is that I installed the latest Amazon update and my Fire Stick got stuck in a loop. It opens to the Fire TV logo and says to Press Play/Pause to Start. I press it and it takes me to pick a language. After pressing the English option it takes me to the previous prompt. I tried various things without any luck. (I tried going into Safe Mode about 25-30x’s to no avail). I am probably going to have to Factory Reset. But, my question is this; I had a USB drive attached for extra storage. So as soon as I saw this was happening again, I immediately took the USB drive off of the Stick. Is there a way to retrieve the stuff I saved on the USB drive? I only had it formatted to read on the Fire Stick. So my laptop, though it beeps when I connect it, doesn’t seem to be recognizing it.

    Thanks for anything you could help with.

    – Joe


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