Roku Won’t Turn On – Fix

There have been times when I have had to do battle with my Roku to get it to work. There are times when my Roku won’t turn on. When troubleshooting this problem, I have discovered many different solutions. I’ll cover the most common in this post. If you’re having problems getting your Roku to turn on, I hope this helps.

Roku Boxes & Streaming Sticks

Follow this set of steps for Roku devices like the Roku Ultra and Roku Streaming Stick which connect to a TV via HDMI port or RCA connection.


Press Reset Button

Most Roku models have a physical reset button somewhere on the device. Try pressing and releasing this button to see if it allows the Roku to turn on.

Unplug and Reseat Cables

Disconnect all cables from the Roku and the TV. Unplug the power cable, as well as the HDMI connection from the Roku. Ensure all connections are free of debris, then plug them all back in. Ensure all cables are securely connected to their ports.

Check Power Supply

Make sure your Roku is powered with a genuine Roku wall power supply. If the Roku has worked before with your current configuration, things may have changed where the Roku requires more power.

If you insist on using the USB port on your TV, try a different USB port if possible or reset the TV.

Factory Reset

Locate the physical reset button on the Roku device. Some models will have a large button that can be pressed with your finger, while others have a small pinhole reset button.

Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. For the pin-hole style button, use a paper clip or ball-point pen to press and hold the button. An indicator light will flash rapidly to indicate the factory reset is completed.


Follow this set of steps if you have a TCL branded Roku TV.


Soft Reset

Unplug the Roku TV and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. This usually resets the hardware and returns the TV to normal operation.

Power Drain Reset

Unplug the power cord from the Roku TV, then press the physical power button on the TV for 15 seconds. Plug the power cord back in, and give it another try.

Check Remote

Does the LED blink when you use the remote to turn the TV on? If not, you may need to try replacing the batteries in the remote. Otherwise, try using the physical power button on the TV.

Factory Reset

If you have tried all of the above troubleshooting steps, it may be time to perform a factory reset on your Roku TV. A factory reset will clear all data from the TV and return everything to the state it was when it left the factory.

To factory reset the TCL Roku TV, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the TV is plugged into a power source.
  2. Locate the small pinhole reset button on the TV. It is usually located next to the HDMI ports.
  3. Using a paper clip or a small pall-point pen, press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds.
  4. Attempt to turn on the TV. Hopefully it successfully powers on.

I hope this post has helped you figure out why your Roku or Roku TV will not power on. If you still need help, drop me a comment below and I’ll try to assist.

This tutorial is valid for all versions of the Roku including TCL Roku TV, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku Streaming Bar.

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