How to Watch Local Channels on Roku

There is a wide selection of channels to choose from on the Roku. But it’s very difficult to find channels that offer local channels on the Roku. What are your options for watching local channels on the Roku? In this post we’ll cover some possible channels you can use.

Option 1 – Connect an Antenna

For less than $20, you can simply purchase an antenna from your local drug store and allow your TV to pick up local stations. Use the Antennaweb website to see how far away the local broadcast towers are from your TV. If your TV is located within 20 miles, you’ll likely be able to receive the channel. If you’re within 50 miles, reception is questionable, but you can often rectify the problem by using an antenna amplifier.

Option 2 – Free2View Channel

You won’t find the big network channels like NBC, FOX, ABC, or CBS. But the Free2View Roku channel offers live streaming of local channels like MeTV, PBS, Cozi TV, and more. All for free!

Option 3 – LocalBTV

Much like the Free2View channel, LocalBTV doesn’t offer the big networks. It does offer those “B” channels you’d find broadcast over-the-air in many cities. HSN, QVC, Cozi, and FNX are among the networks you’ll find on the service.

The LocalBTV channel is free but isn’t available to use everywhere. You can only watch this channel if you live in one of their service areas (or use a VPN service).

Option 4 – Live Streaming Services

Many of the services that offer streaming and live cable TV also offer local channels. These services usually cost around $65 per month and also offer cloud DVR features for recording live programming so you can watch later.

Option 5 – Network TV Apps

Many of the major TV networks offer their shows and local news via apps that are made for Fire TV. Newer shows are usually available to watch for free the day after they broadcast live. If you just want to watch content from just a few networks, this is the best option.

I hope this post has helped you come up with a solution to watch local channels on the Roku. Let me know if it helped by dropping a comment below.

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