How to Watch MeTV on Roku

If you’re a fan of classic network television, MeTV is the best channel for classic content. You likely live in an area where you can watch MeTV using an antenna. But if you don’t use an antenna, there is a way you can stream MeTV on the Roku as well.

Watch Live MeTV on Roku

You won’t find a MeTV channel anywhere in the Roku Channel Store. But there is a channel named Free2View TV. This channel provides access to stream live MeTV as well as other local over-the-air local channels like Cozi and Laff.

The channel is a bit generic looking but is a snap to use. Once installed, just open the channel and select Over-The-Air Exclusives and select MeTV. It’s legal, free and there’s no account registration needed.

Watch MeTV on Demand

Another option for streaming MeTV would be to watch content via the MeTV website using your phone, then mirroring your phone screen to the Roku.

I hope this post has helped you gain the ability to watch MeTV on your Roku. Drop me a comment below if you enjoyed it.

14 thoughts on “How to Watch MeTV on Roku”

  1. Thankyou so much. I can’t get it where because my antenna doesn’t pick up signals good. Even though I’m on the west coast I am enjoying being able to watch the shows again. So are my teens.

  2. I can’t find the free2viewtv channel on my roku channel.The search didn’t find anything,and I scrolled thru every channel,must’ve been hundreds,and didn’t see it

  3. Hurray!! We were missing these stations since we cut the cord, and local stations were to far away to pull in with antennae. Thx!!

  4. I don’t see MeTv on the line up. Its only Cozi TV A& B, Decades, Laff, Gritt and Hogans Heros. Did they remove it???

  5. Where is My Me and Me+ Tv ? Looks like some body for got to pay the bill ! OH, Its base is in Chicago, You don’t have to tell me no more. Bye the way you could take that Newsy Crap Off , its not needed one less BS channel. Give the people what they Want!.

  6. It give me a lot of memories seeing classic tv shows when I was younger and viewing in hi-def, is more better in today’s digital technology. I never imagine seeing it this way, is unique and is great enjoying the past in today’s digital world.

  7. I was racking my head about it,, after I got rid of my Cabel service ,,I know it’s an over the air station lol,,but thanks 😊,,it worked like a charm


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