How to Watch MeTV on Roku

If you’re a fan of classic network television, MeTV is the best channel for classic content. You likely live in an area where you can watch MeTV using an antenna. But if you don’t use an antenna, there is a way you can stream MeTV on the Roku as well.

Option 1 – LocalBTV App

If you live in an area where the app is supported, the LocalBTV app is a free option you can use to to stream live MeTV for free. The LocalBTV app has MeTV available in selected cities as well as many other networks you’d find broadcasting over-the-air in many cities across the United States.

The app even provides 1TB of cloud DVR storage if you want to record your favorite MeTV shows.

Option 2 – Frndly App

The Frndly app is a paid service that provides channels you’d find on traditional cable TV and over-the-air networks. MeTV is included in some of the local lineups of networks offered in the Frndly app. There are no limitations based on where you live like with the LocalBTV app.

A Frndly subscription currently offers more than 30 channels for $6.99 a month.

Option 3 – Watch MeTV on Demand

Another option for streaming MeTV would be to watch content via the MeTV website using your phone, then mirroring your phone screen to the Roku.

Note: Free2View TV used to carry MeTV in their Roku channel, but they have removed it.

I hope this post has helped you gain the ability to watch MeTV on your Roku. Drop me a comment below if you enjoyed it.

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