Apple TV+: How to Choose Specific Episode

When using the Apple TV+ channel on my Roku, I couldn’t figure out how to choose a specific individual episode of a series. Every time I selected the show I wanted to watch, it would just start from the point I left off. I eventually figured it out. So, if you are just as confused about this as I was, this is the post for you.

Select Individual Episodes in Apple TV+

  1. Open the Apple TV+ channel.
  2. Highlight the show you wish to watch.
  3. Press and hold the “OK” or “Select” button until a menu appears.
  4. Select “View Details“.
  5. Select the episode you wish to watch.

Change Episode While Playing

  1. Press the “Back” ⬅️ button on the remote.
  2. Select “More Info“.
  3. Select the episode you wish to watch.

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