Fire TV: Connect to Wi-Fi Without Remote

If you do not have a remote control for your Amazon Fire TV, but still want to get it connected to Wi-Fi, there is a way. This guide will help you connect your Fire TV to the Wi-Fi network without needing the physical remote.

Connect a keyboard to the USB port on the Fire TV. If you have a Firestick, you will need to follow our tutorial on connecting a keyboard to Firestick. You can then use keyboard to navigate to “Settings” > “Network“, then select to the network you wish to use.

Navigate using the keyboard with the following keys:

  • Arrow Keys – Navigate the options on the screen just as you would with the directional pad on the remote.
  • Escape – Use this key like you’d use “Back” on the remote.
  • Enter or Spacebar – Use as “Select”. The center button on the remote control used for selecting items.
  • Home – Does what the Home button on the remote does. Duh!

If you are using a multimedia keyboard, the Play, Forward, Rewind, and Menu buttons work as well.

The keyboard will work on almost any screen on the Fire TV. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work during the setup process after the device has been factory reset. You’ll need to use the remote control to navigate through that.

I hope this guide has gotten your Fire TV connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comments section below.

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