4 Universal Remotes That Work with Firestick

Have you tried to shop for a universal remote control that works with your Amazon Firestick, Cable box, Blu-ray player, and TV? Has it been frustrating? You’re not the only one! There aren’t many options out there.

You can find plenty of replacement remotes that work with the standard Amazon Fire TV. You may even be like me and bought one of the remotes that say they support the standard Fire TV thinking it will also work with the Firestick, only to find it doesn’t work. That’s because the Fire TV Stick doesn’t use infrared signals like a standard remote. It utilizes Bluetooth technology.

There aren’t many remote options that support Bluetooth and work with the Firestick. Especially after Logitech discontinued their Logitech Harmony line of remotes. This left me looking for many alternatives.

After doing some digging, I found a few viable solutions.

Option 1 – SofaBaton U1

SofaBaton U1

With its easy-to-use app that makes setup a breeze, the SofaBaton U1 is a solid choice for Firestick users. It is compatible with both Bluetooth and IR devices, has macro support, and has a “learning mode” that can be used for unknown brands.

The OLED display and scroll wheel make it a breeze to switch between multiple devices. Though, the amount of real estate for that feature ads to the size of the device. It seems a bit unnecessary. But the design feels solid and lightweight. My only complaint is the lack of illuminated buttons. There is also no support for voice control.

If you are an audio/video enthusiast who uses many devices, the SofaBaton U1 is likely the proper choice for you.

Note: The SofaBaton U1 works with all Firestick devices with the exception of the 1st generation model w87CUN.

Option 2 – AuviPal G9F

AuviPal G9F

The AuviPal G9F gives you solid control over your Firestick and TV for a very low price. Aggravated with having to type using the stock Firestick remote? The keyboard on the back of this remote comes in handy for web browsing and will save you so much time when entering usernames and passwords. The illuminated buttons make everything easy to see.

The AuviPal G9F only features 11 programmable infrared buttons to work with other devices. So, if you have a lot of devices you wish to control, this may not be the best option for you. Though its features are limited, this remote is a solid universal remote that allows you to control your Firestick along with a handful of other devices. Plus, it has a handy keyboard!

Option 3 – Sofabaton X1

Sofabaton X1

If you’re willing to splurge a bit and have a need to control absolutely anything and everything, the Sofabaton X1 is your answer. This remote works with a hub to control devices via Bluetooth, infrared, or Wi-Fi. It works with all Fire TV devices, including the 1st generation model w87CUN.

While there are some negative reviews out there about the Sofabaton X1, the initial problems with the model seem to have been smoothed out with newer firmware updates.

Option 4 – Sideclick

So, this is an interesting 3rd party remote solution! The Sideclick works with your existing Fire TV Stick remote to turn it into a universal remote that works with other devices.

Just clip it on to your existing Firestick remote, program it, and you’ll instantly have additional buttons for additional devices. A major con for the Sideclick is that you’ll need the original remote control for your other devices to program/train it. But if you need additional functionality and love the stock Fire TV remote, this is the best solution for a universal remote.

I hope this guide has assisted you with finding a proper replacement universal remote for your Amazon Firestick. Please feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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