Fire TV / Firestick Doesn’t Load Home Screen

Some Amazon FireTV or Firestick users may experience a problem where the device starts to boot, but never loads the Home screen. The Fire TV logo appears, and everything seems to be starting fine, but it just never displays Home and sits there at a black screen. This guide will help troubleshoot this issue.

First make sure that your Fire TV remains powered on. If the device is shutting off at the Home screen or restarting on its own, there may be an issue with the power block you are using.

If you are sure your Fire TV is still powered on, never loading the Home screen, and sits at a black screen, the problem is likely HDCP.

HDCP stands for “High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection“. It is an anti-piracy feature used in most modern video equipment to prevent users from copying content to a device. But this feature can cause problems sometimes when legit users are just trying to use their video player to watch something.

Fixing HDCP Problems

When you receive this error, the FireTV device is not able to detect that it is connected to an HDCP supported device. Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Ensure the device you are connecting your Fire TV/Firestick to is an HDCP supported device. Some older televisions may not support HDCP.
  • Ensure the HDMI cable is directly connected from the Fire TV/Firestick to the TV. If you’re using any type of adapters or devices in between the HDMI connection, try removing them from the equation.
  • Re-seat the HDMI cable. Unplug the cable from both the TV and the Fire TV. Have a look at the cable and make sure the connectors are free of debris and that there are no burn marks. Once you have inspected the cable, reconnect it.
  • Try a different HDMI cable. The one you are using may not be allowing the HDCP signals to communicate between devices.

Bypassing HDCP

If you regularly have problems with your Fire TV not loading the Home screen and you absolutely must get things working, your next best option is to try to bypass or strip out HDCP. There are many devices on the market that will do this, but they are quite pricey.

I managed to find this HDMI splitter that seems to strip out the HDCP signal and allow you to connect the Fire TV to any device you like. Just connect the HDMI splitter between the Fire TV and your television, and it should solve the issue.

I hope this guide has helped you solve the issue with the home screen failing to load on your FireTV/Firestick. Please feel free to share your experience with this issue in the comments section below.

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