Roku: How to Change Name

If you’re connecting to a Roku over the network, you may want to have it labeled a different name. You can change the name of your Roku device from the Roku website, or the app. Here are the steps.

From Roku Website

  1. From any browser, login to the Roku Website at
  2. Scroll down to the “My linked devices” section. Select the 🖊️ in the Name column next to the device you wish to rename.
    Roku Pen Icon to Change Name
  3. Type a new name in the field, then select “Update” when finished.
    Roku Set Name From Web

That’s all there is to it. Your Roku device has now been renamed.

From Roku App

  1. Download and install the Roku app. The Roku app is available for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Open the Roku app, and select “Devices” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select next to the Roku in the list you wish to rename.
    Roku App Device Menu
  4. Choose “Set Name and Location“.
    Note: If this option is grayed out, check to ensure that Roku is online and on the same network as the device from which you are using the Roku app.
    Roku Set Name and Location Option
  5. If prompted, login to your Roku account.
  6. Type a new name in the “Device Name” field. Tap “Save” when done.
    Roku Rename From App

There you have it! You have changed the name of your Roku from the app.

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