How to Watch Cozi TV & ION Plus on Roku

Cozi TV and ION Plus are favorite broadcast channels in many cities in the United States. If you’re looking for a native Cozi TV or ION Plus app in the Roku Channel Store, you won’t find one. But you can still enjoy these live channels with these options.

Option 1 – Connect an Antenna

Check to see if you live in an area where you can receive Cozi TV and ION Plus over the air. Antennaweb is a great resource for figuring out how far away your TV is from station broadcast towers. If you’re located within 20 miles, all you need is an antenna, and you can watch Cozi TV and ION Plus. If you’re within 40 miles, you can still watch, but you’ll probably need an antenna amplifier to get good reception.

Option 2 – Use the F2V TV Channel

The F2V TV (Free2View TV) channel is available for download from the Roku Channel Store. This channel allows you to stream live Cozi and ION Plus channels using your Roku device.

Once the channel is installed, simply open the channel and select the Free TV | Over-The-Air EXCLUSIVES option to access Cozi TV. ION Plus is located under Free TV | General.

Option 3 – Watch Cozi TV On-Demand Using Phone

Cozi TV has content available for streaming on their website here. You can visit this site on your phone or tablet web browser, then mirror your device to your Roku and enjoy Cozi TV on demand.

ION Plus as a website too, but they do not have any streamable content there.

I hope this guide has helped you successfully stream Cozi TV and/or ION plus shows on your Roku device. Have questions? Drop me a comment below!

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  1. I have a Roku tv and this option is no where to be found. Love Cozi tv and losing it after I drop Dish and am going to Fubo. Total pits!!!!


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