Roku: Disable “Are you still watching” Message

The Roku will ask “Are you still watching” if you are streaming video and have not used the remote for 4 hours. If you enjoy streaming video for a long time, this message can be an annoyance. The prompt does provide protection from using too much Internet bandwidth. Fortunately, you can enable or disable the “Are you still watching” message with these steps.

  1. Starting on the Home screen, arrow left to bring up the menu in the left pane, then choose “Settings“.
  2. Select “Network“.
    Roku Network Settings Option
  3. Choose “Bandwidth saver“.Roku Bandwith Saver Option
  4. Change the setting to “On” to turn on the “Are you still watching prompt“. Set it to “Off” to turn off the prompt and prevent it from appearing.
    Roku Bandwidth Saver Setting

If a similar message ever appears on a Roku channel when this setting is disabled, there may be another setting you’ll need to change within that particular channel’s settings. Not all channels allow you to change it though.

An example of this is the Netflix option to automatically play the next episode. Hulu has a similar setting.

2 thoughts on “Roku: Disable “Are you still watching” Message”

  1. It did not remove the are you still watching. I dont need to have my programs interrupted every 2 hours. I hate this. Bandwidth does not shut it off with it in the off position.


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