Fire TV: Fix ‘App not found’ Error

Apps on Fire TV

When attempting to open an app on the Amazon Fire TV, a problem can occur where an error message appears that says “App not found. The app you are looking for could not be found”. The app then never opens.

In this guide, we show you possible solutions to this problem.

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How To Force Close Apps on the Firestick

You might need to force an app closed manually on the Firestick if the app becomes frozen or is not responding. Force closing apps can also increase speed, free up available memory, and saves processing power. This can make other apps perform much better.

In this post, we’ll show you two methods you can use to easily force close apps on the Amazon Firestick

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How to Connect USB Drive to Firestick

USB Drive Connected to Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is a smaller and low-priced alternative to the standard Fire TV. One of the cons of the Firestick is that it doesn’t have a USB port for expanding storage. You can however connect a USB drive to Firestick with just one simple adapter. We show you how it’s done with this tutorial.

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