Fire TV / Firestick Shows Wrong Time

Fire TV Time Header

It’s important to have the correct time set on the Amazon Fire TV / Firestick. Some apps rely on the time settings to stream certain videos. Program guides will not display correctly if the time settings are incorrect.

There are many reasons why a Fire TV may display the wrong time. If you have problems with the time settings on your Fire TV, use these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

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Fire TV / Firestick Turns On TV When Ring Doorbell Rings

Fire TV Header

This past weekend, I noticed that my TV was seemingly turning on by itself. Then I noticed the TV was turning on any time somebody was ringing my Ring doorbell button. What kind of wizardy was this? Was interference with my Wi-Fi network causing this to happen? I certainly didn’t think I set my Ring Doorbell up with my Fire TV / Firestick.

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Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – Fix

Roku WiFi Selection Screen

One of the most common problems Roku users encounter is that it sometimes won’t connect to Wi-Fi or the Internet. It seems to be the most common issue users troubleshoot. There are many reasons the Roku might not connect to Wi-Fi successfully. In this guide you will learn troubleshooting steps for when Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

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Fix – Roku Only Plays in Stereo

Roku 3

You have that nice Roku to play movies for you, an outstanding audio system. But you discovered a problem where Roku is only playing audio in Stereo instead of Dolby.

This is a common problem for Roku Ultra users who want the ultimate audio/video setup. Fortunately, it is usually solved by finding the right setting to change.

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