Fire TV: Enable/Disable Subtitles (Captioning)

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The Amazon Fire TV has subtitle (otherwise known as Closed Captioning) features you can use for the hearing impaired. The feature allows you to read what is being said in the video you are watching.

There is a main place in the Fire TV settings where you can enable or disable subtitles. But each individual app may also have their own subtitle settings. Each app has a different way to access these settings. Here are steps to changing the main Fire TV subtitle setting as well as the way to change it in the most popular apps.

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Fix Roku Apple TV+ ‘Video Not Available’ Error

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Users of the Apple TV+ channel on Roku devices seem to be experiencing a common error when they try to watch content. They receive an error that says “Video not available. There is a problem loading this video, if this continues check your internet connection.” Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to try to fix this problem.

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How To Turn Off Apple TV

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Energy conscience users video streamers may want to find out how to turn off Apple TV. But the Apple TV is designed as a household appliance that is meant to be on all the time. Despite the lack of an “Off” switch, we provide you with some options in this guide.

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Apple TV: 3 Universal Remotes That Work

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I was recently thrilled to learn that there are options for replacement universal remotes that work with Apple TV. It’s difficult to find them, since some of the universal remotes for sale out there can be expensive or not work quite right as far as button assignments. These options work best with the Apple TV.

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