Firestick 4K Doesn’t Detect USB Drive

USB Drive Connected to Firestick

The 3rd generation Amazon Firestick and Firestick Lite will recognize a USB drive when connected with an OTG cable and allow you to move apps to it. But does the Firestick 4K work the same way? The answer is a bit hairy. In this post we will cover why your Firestick 4K doesn’t detect a USB drive.

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Fire TV / Firestick Starts to Black Screen

Firestick Header

Some Amazon Fire TV or Firestick users may experience a problem where the device starts to boot, but never loads the Home screen. The Fire TV logo appears, and everything seems to be starting fine, but it just never displays Home and sits there at a black screen. This guide will help troubleshoot this issue.

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How to Prevent Firestick From Sleeping

Firestick Sleep Header

There are many situations where you want to prevent your Firestick from going into sleep mode. Whether you are using an app like Plex or just want the the home screen to be on forever, here is the easiest way to disable automatic sleep mode on your Firestick.

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