Firestick: How to Find MAC Address

Firestick With Plant

You may need to locate the MAC Address that is tied to your Amazon Firestick network hardware to allow the device to have access granted to the Internet, or in certain rare configurations. It’s common in school dorm networks to only allow devices to connect to the network with a whitelist of MAC Addresses that are allowed.

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Firestick: How to Clear App Cache

Amazon Firestick

There may come a time where you will have to clear the cache for a certain app on the Amazon Firestick. Doing so can fix a myriad of problems you might be experiencing with the app.

Clearing the app cache removes some settings and stored information and sets the app back to the state it was when you first installed it.

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Firestick: Turn Off “Click” Sound When Navigating Menus

Firestick 4k Remote

By default, the Amazon Firestick makes a clicking sound whenever you use the direction pad on the remote to toggle to a different selection. It’s pretty annoying in my opinion. In this post we’ll cover how to turn off the clicking sound.

Fortunately, Amazon put a way for you to easily disable the click when toggling selections right in their settings.

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