Roku: MLB TV Freezes? Let’s Fix it!


I’m a baseball lover! I love watching the Chicago Cubs whenever I can on the MLB TV channel on my Roku. The problem is that about halfway though watching a game, the app will just freeze.

I’ve found that clearing the cache and restarting the Roku before I start watching a game prevents this from happening. Here’s how it’s done.

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Fix – Roku Keeps ‘Buffering’ Video

YouTube Stuck on Loading Screen

A common problem for Roku users is the device will keep ‘Buffering’ or ‘Loading’ video. It can drive a person crazy trying to troubleshoot this problem. The Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu channels are notorious for this problem. So, I threw together this guide to help people figure out how to fix this issue.

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How to Watch MeTV on Roku

MeTV Logo

If you’re a fan of classic network television, MeTV is the best channel for classic content. You likely live in an area where you can watch MeTV using an antenna. But if you don’t use an antenna, there is a way you can stream MeTV on the Roku as well.

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How to Connect Oculus 2 to a Roku

Oculus 2 and Roku Header

VR is a fun experience. Like many things that experience can be even greater when sharing it with friends. Unfortunately, unlike other digital entertainment that you may want to share, it’s not so simple to share a VR experience. The nature of a VR headset limits itself to a single viewer, you. While in some … Read more

How to Use Roku on Multiple Screens

Roku 3

I have one Roku box, and family members in different rooms who like to enjoy the same movie at the same time. How can I use one Roku box with different screens? Can you split the video and send it to 2 different TVs? Here are a couple of solutions you can use in your home or office to play the same Roku video on multiple TVs.

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6 Universal Remote Controls That Work with Roku

Roku 3

I was using 3 separate remote controls for my TV, Blu-ray player, and Roku Premier box, I decided to find a universal remote that could handle all three devices. I wasn’t looking for anything flashy. The Roku is a simple device, so I wanted a simple remote that worked with the device but didn’t cost too much money. Whether you have lost your Roku remote and need a replacement, or just want something to use across multiple devices, here are 6 great Roku universal remote control solutions.

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How to Watch Hallmark Channel on Roku

Hallmark TV Header

Since my family got rid of cable TV, we haven’t had the option of watching one of our favorite live channels, the Hallmark Channel. We would always turn the Hallmark Channel on for something in the background while we played games. Its campy content was great for background noise and isn’t too heavy for the kids to watch.

Fortunately, we found a way to watch without cable TV! In this post, we will show you some options for watching the Hallmark Channel on the Roku.

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