6 Universal Remote Controls That Work with Roku

Roku 3

I was using 3 separate remote controls for my TV, Blu-ray player, and Roku Premier box, I decided to find a universal remote that could handle all three devices. I wasn’t looking for anything flashy. The Roku is a simple device, so I wanted a simple remote that worked with the device but didn’t cost too much money. Whether you have lost your Roku remote and need a replacement, or just want something to use across multiple devices, here are 6 great Roku universal remote control solutions.

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How to Stop Others from Using Your Netflix Account

Netflix Logo Header

It has been reported that Netflix will begin cracking down on customers who share their Netflix account with friends or family members.

Whether you’re knowingly sharing your Netflix account, or you have somebody using your account without permission, you can use these steps to remotely sign people out of your Netflix account, and keep them out.

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Hulu Stuck in Wrong Time Zone – Fix

Hulu Logo Header

Many users of Hulu may experience a problem where the app is stuck in the wrong time zone. This problem causes the Hulu Live program guide to display the wrong program listings.

There are several reasons why Hulu is stuck with the wrong time or time zone. In this post we’ll cover the common causes to this problem as well as fixes to the problem.

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How to Change Language on Disney Plus for Firestick

Disney Plus Header

My kids have managed to change the language in the Disney Plus app on Firestick several times. Fortunately, I have learned exactly where to change the language settings for each time they do this.

In this post we’ll cover how to change the language for the menus in the Disney Plus app as well has how to change the audio and captioning language when video is playing.

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