Firestick Stuck at “Downloading Latest Software”

Firestick Header

There is a common problem for Amazon Firestick owners where the device gets stuck on a screen that says “Downloading Latest Software” and doesn’t go forward from that screen. I’ve experienced this problem several times. In this post, we’ll cover what you can do to fix this problem if it happens to you so that you can get to enjoying all your Firestick has to offer.

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Firestick: How to Disable Purchases

Firestick Parental Controls

When I managed to get rid of cable TV, I was saving hundreds of dollars a month. That only lasted a few months though, since the rest of my family started going crazy with purchasing single episodes on the Amazon Firestick. They even purchased shows they could’ve streamed via the many subscriptions I pay for each month. They just didn’t bother to look to see if the content was available to them.

I had had enough! It was time to disable purchases on the Firestick. I did this by setting up a PIN using the parental controls included with the Firestick operating system. You can set it up too using these steps.

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Firestick: How to Update Apps

Fire TV Check For Updates Option

The first troubleshooting step when experiencing problems with apps on the Firestick is to check for updates to the app. It’s usually best practice to stay using the latest version of an app. Doing so will usually keep you clear of experiencing problems.

In this post, we will cover how to update an app to the latest version on the Amazon Firestick.

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How to Watch MeTV on Roku

MeTV Logo

If you’re a fan of classic network television, MeTV is the best channel for classic content. You likely live in an area where you can watch MeTV using an antenna. But if you don’t use an antenna, there is a way you can stream MeTV on the Roku as well.

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How to Connect Game Controller to Firestick

Firestick and Gaming Controller

The Amazon Firestick not only streams shows and movies. You can use the device for gaming as well. Gaming on the Firestick is best experienced when using a gaming controller. You can connect game controllers to the Firestick using a Bluetooth connection or by USB connection. In this post we’ll show you the steps it … Read more

How to Program Firestick Remote for TV

Firestick Change TV Selection

Programming the Amazon Firestick remote to work with your TV will allow you to use the Firestick remote to control the volume and power function on your TV. You’ll typically need to perform these steps if: You have switched the Firestick to another TV. Firestick remote power and volume controls have stopped working with your … Read more