Firestick: How to Clear App Cache

Amazon Firestick

There may come a time where you will have to clear the cache for a certain app on the Amazon Firestick. Doing so can fix a myriad of problems you might be experiencing with the app.

Clearing the app cache removes some settings and stored information and sets the app back to the state it was when you first installed it.

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Peacock: How to Choose Specific Episode

Peacock Header

If you have previously watched a TV series using the Peacock app, then go back to watch the show later, the app will throw you right back into the episode you were watching. This threw me off when I wanted to watch a different episode. This isn’t how many other apps work. Usually, you are given a choice of which episode to watch when you open a series. But Peacock doesn’t work that way.

So, how in the heck do you simply choose a specific episode to watch in the Peacock app? I figured it out, and here are the steps.

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