How to Fix Captions Not Working on Roku

Roku Captioning Setting On

Captions (or subtitles as some people call it) is a neat feature on the Roku for the hearing impaired or people who just want to watch TV while keeping it quite for the sleeping baby. Roku users may find that the captions feature isn’t working as intended when they try to watch their favorite shows.

In this guide, we’ll cover some troubleshooting steps you can take to fix your Roku or Roku channel when captions aren’t displaying when they should be.

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How to Fix Roku “Can’t run channel… not enough space” Error

Roku Cannot run channel error

After using the Roku for a few months, and installing the channels you like, you’ll likely see a “Can’t run channel – channel name could not be run because there is not enough space. Please removed one or more of your installed channels and try again.” error message appear. You may also get an error when trying to launch a channel that says “Failed to launch“. The problem usually occurs when a channel that takes a lot of space is loading such as YouTube TV. This means your Roku has insufficient storage. Unless you somehow free some space, you will not be able to install new channels. Here are some things you can try to help you fix this issue?

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How to Cast & Mirror Windows Screen to Roku

You can use your Roku TV as a display for your Windows computer by mirroring the screen using Miracast. This feature can be used for presentations or simply for watching content from your PC on a bigger screen.

In this post, we’ll cover how to setup your Roku for screen mirroring and how to connect your Windows computer to the Roku.

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How to Fix a Firestick That Keeps Restarting

Fire TV Boot Logo

I think every Amazon Firestick user has experienced a problem where the Firestick keeps restarting itself over and over again. It’s a very common problem with the device. There are several common reasons why a Firestick keeps rebooting on its own. I will cover them in this post and hopefully help get your device back to working normal again.

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Firestick 4K Doesn’t Detect USB Drive

USB Drive Connected to Firestick

The 3rd generation Amazon Firestick and Firestick Lite will recognize a USB drive when connected with an OTG cable and allow you to move apps to it. But does the Firestick 4K work the same way? The answer is a bit hairy. In this post we will cover why your Firestick 4K doesn’t detect a USB drive.

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How to Watch TikTok on Roku

TikTok Playing on Roku

I love watching and swiping through TikTok videos while relaxing on the soft. It’s an even better experience when you can watch TikTok on a large screen like the living room TV. You can do this by utilizing a mobile device and the screen mirror feature with your Roku for watching TikTok on the Roku.

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